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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by aux, Dec 1, 2021.

  1. R27


    I guess if I participate I'll have to decide which Dr. Luke song to give my zero to.
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  2. You won't because you're a gauche little rat but I love you anyway
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  3. Another year of scoring Taylor highly but fighting with her stans? It's more likely than you think!

  4. If flopping is ground for exclusion (a la Solar Power) then Halsey also applies, but ya'll ain't ready for that conversation are you!!!!!!!!!
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  5. Yeah, I was expecting Lorde and Adele and Kacey maybe,
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  6. Wasn't Lorde only included last time because otherwise the line up would've been truly bleak?
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  7. Critically acclaimed masterpiece If I Cant Have Love, I Want Power peaked at #2 in the US with 98K copies sold and was just nominated for a Grammy.

    Critically reviewed album Solar Power peaked at #5 in the US with 56K copies sold and was not very good.
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  8. [​IMG]

    Reporting for duty.
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  9. Now sis, if you wanna play THESE type of atrl reindeer games... If I Can't Have Hits, I Want A Pitchfork 7.0+ spent 7 weeks on the Billboard 200 before dropping off.

    #2alsey's previous three album's 159 weeks, 119 weeks, and 95 weeks, respectively.

    The lead single peaked at #64, and only charted in the 40 forty in a single international territory.

    We're also talking about an artist who more or less out-peaked Lorde in terms of consistent commercial success and expectations.

    Ashleigh Fragilayknn flopped! It's okay, but she flopped!


    Now, is If I Can't Outperform Without Me, I Want A Baby a better album than Solar Power you ask?

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  10. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member


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  12. I couldn't be further from having a horse in this race but this has me in orbit

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  13. If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power : 8.7 (10 x 4 || 7 x 1)
    Planet Her : 8.25 (10 x 4 || 6 x 1)
    Sour : 7.5 (10 x 1 || 5 x 1)
    Evermore : 6.5 (10 x 1 || 3 x 1)
    Happier Than Ever : 6.35 (9.5 x 1 || 3.5 x 1)

  14. RJF


    I predict Halsey not having any Top 10s and their three stans going back to posting "You should be sad" embeds by March.
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  15. How has this come around so damn quickly!?
    Don't feel particularly passionate about any of this years entries, so probably won't be voting. But will be watching the drama ensue.
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  16. It would have been a kii to see Solar Power included and it performing worse than Chromatica teebs.
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  17. Like... the album was a passion project that literally wasn't even preceded by any singles. Of course it wasn't going to do as well as her previous albums, I'm sure no-one expected it to. If the good sis wanted some more smashes like Without Me she could have easily got them, but that wasn't the point. All that said, it still did better than Solar Power and star-crossed, so even if we're going by commercial success (which has never been the be-all and end-all in these rates anyway, I mean, Smile was in last year's), what other pop girl should have taken the fifth slot in the rate exactly? Adele doesn't count.

  18. Moonlight Edition

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  19. Oh babe not with those bonus tracks *dead banana*

    Except Fever which was a 10
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  20. aux


    If you say Lorde one more fucking time, I will kick you out of this building.

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