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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by aux, Dec 1, 2021.

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  2. I see the mess has already begun! I predict Doja sneaking into domination with Willow, Happier Than Ever, and possibly I Am Not A Woman, I'm a God contending for Top 10/5. No idea how Olivia will do but excited to see a big pop girl in the rate on her debut!
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  3. Good 4 u is going to be in the top 5, surely? I actually could see it winning.
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  4. The pomp and circumstance of a bunch of faggots refusing to rate Adele's album:

    The fact I would've given Easy on Me a 10:
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  5. #1alsey released an acclaimed indie rock project that did better than some previous BPG entries. She’s a main pop girl now and you’re all just gonna have to deal with that! I remind you all that one year we had to rate a P!nk album.
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  6. Did anyone tell Halsey's label that the album wasn't expected to be a hit because Trent Reznor does not come cheap
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  7. The vibes in this thread are...ominous already.

    But also if happiness, You asked for this, Overheated, and Options land anywhere outside the top 10 you all will not see heaven

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  8. These could be in the top 5 and I'd be happy.
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  9. ready to get the thread locked if Love To Dream is done dirty
  10. I like all of these albums enough, I think I'm just gonna let the other girls k*ll each other this year instead.

    Unless Planet Her is your lowest average. Then we'll see.

  11. Questioning our gracious host's choices productive, how original. Maybe if we try real hard Without even trying we can turn this from silly debate into that stuff you can't seem to scrape clean from the bottom of the litter box. We've all become inured to this mess right?
    Carry on...

    Before this years albums I preferred Lorde's output over Halsey's but now that's flipped. Cheers.
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  12. I’m officially old.
  13. If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power is that sort of triumph album, in the making for years before coming fully realized. I haven't listened to it a lot, but you can see from far that it is exactly what Halsey always wanted. Well deserved spot.

    But yeah Planet Her is that bitch. Then Happier Than Ever.
    Sour is a solid debut album. Evermore is housing some great great highs while expanding the folklore world.
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  14. It's just having a kii sis, this forum will constantly be tugging at Halsey's scalp a bitsy till the day Peter stops paying the light bill. And as far as BPG rates including controversy about host choices go well it's just...

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  15. RJF


  16. Oh me too sis, just having a kii, not directed at you. Even though I'm pretty sure my 11 will go to either Amala or Ashley I don't really have a Stallion in the race this year like I did last year.
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  17. Also I don't wanna hear a repeat of last year with 'ugh Taylor's album is so boring where are the bops!?!?!!111' when these exist:

    (not the album even needs bops cause it's amazing but I know some of y'all hear an acoustic song and run a mile)
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  18. Yes. I have focus to pull.
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  19. Really? I heard Disney were tight-fisted when it comes to soundtracks which is why Trent and Atticus were sweeping all the work up.

    Anyway, looking at the entries, if these are the big pop girls of 2021 then this year was a bleak one for pop. Thank the Lord for this forum and it bringing attention to all the smaller pop artists so I can keep finding new stuff to listen to.
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  20. This is my favorite BPG lineup in years. I don't get it, would you rather be rating P!nk, the Star is Born soundtrack and some shit Katy Perry album??
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