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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by aux, Dec 1, 2021.

  1. Maybe so
  2. Which SOUR stan will look most convincingly like a 16 year old who hates their mom and least like a 30 something man in debt with Klarna?

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  3. Just say "Pure Pop". We know you want to... smh. Sometimes I hate it here.
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  4. I think all of the “what a bad year for pop this year was huh” posts all because there’s no album in this year’s line up that’s dance-pop (aka p*re pop) are going to irritate me more than people questioning Halsey’s inclusion.

  5. I don't get the "wow this year is bleak and mid tier lol" comments because like...Doja's album is almost all bops, Halsey finally brought their A-game and delivered an alternative pop opus, Taylor put out her literal best album, Billie singlehandedly revived trip hop and brought it into 2021...the weakest thing here to me is SOUR but even that has the singles, so ????
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  6. These complaints about the quality, it's giving boomer.

    This is the best lineup since 2016.
  7. Nn not this thread immediately over correcting. The albums are fine but if it’s not 200 BPM I can’t get excited about it so leT me go listen to my bangers in peace.mp3
  8. The girls want high BPM bangers?

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  10. Now y'all know damn well the complaints and feeling of apathy from some people aren't about the "quality" of the albums, stop trying to act cute.

    It's still probably the lineup that makes the most sense from what was available, but out of the 5 albums: one is a folky low-key affair, one is a release by a Gen Z teenager artist that pretty much popped up out of nowhere for this forum of aging homosexuals, with rock tinges to boot and heavy on the balladry, and one's inclusion is being questioned so much that it obviously is only here because it was the closest thing to fitting the criteria, but barely. Even the Biggest Pop Girl release here is still pretty alternative and "indie" for PJ tastes.

    And y'all wanna start throwing around pure-pop (derogatory) and clutching your pearls like you "don't get" why some people aren't excited? Come on now ddd
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  11. If this is in reference to Planet Her, it's the blockbuster pop girl release of the year. I'm not sure how it's barely fitting the criteria? Most of the complaints I've seen have come from people not wanting to rate a project tied to L*ke.
  12. It was in reference to Halsey nn
  13. Eaux. As you were, then.
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  14. Who's clutching pearls? I was literally just giving my take on it.
  15. Four of these albums are varying degrees of decent and Halsey is also here so I’m looking forward to seeing the results!
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  16. You all just need to stop whining and be grateful @aux didn't include 30 or *checks notes* Love For Sale.
  17. It wasn't targeted singularly at you, there was someone else saying they "don't get it" just last page. To me it comes off a bit... disingenuous (?) to say that cause in my mind the reasons for the apathy are pretty obvious. But maybe it isn't that obvious, I don't know!

    Like I said, I do think the right choices were made in the end. I wouldn't really change the lineup, but that doesn't make it great dd
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  18. I mean, it's not like every single album here doesn't have a Pop & Justice thread that's regularly active so I think that might be where my confusion on the apathy is coming from dd
  19. The Halsey album is the best one here though. And I say that as a hater.
  20. Yeah, I was the one who said I don't get it. And I stand by that, because all of these albums have been very well received on the forum while many of the BPG albums of the last four or so years were much more divisive or downright disliked (Chromatica, Lover and Reputation, Smile, Rainbow, Blunt Force Trauma, the Beyonce and Gaga soundtracks, Invasion of Privacy...).

    But I do understand that it's lacking a big dance-pop behemoth like Future Nostalgia! So I can understand people's disappointment in that regard. And there's the Dr. Luke factor and I know a lot of people just don't like Halsey.
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