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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by aux, Dec 1, 2021.

  1. tea


    Thank you @aux this was a lot of fun, I'm gonna miss it!
  2. I loved reading your write-ups @aux. Incredibly thoughtful, articulate, and a great respect for the music you are honoring.
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  3. I just want to add that Happier Than Ever is not only deeply personal and emotionally connected, but also works as a parody of the criticisms lodged against her: That she sings so quietly, that she's just another sad emo girl etc. It is not only sonically tremendous, but thematically as well. It accomplishes so much, including serving as the thesis for the entire album.

    She is masterful as a pop star and the win here is beyond deserved.
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  4. Thank you and well done to @aux the real winner of this rate!!
  5. K94


    Into You
    Green Light
    no tears left to cry
    Don't Start Now x2 kii
    Happier Than Ever

    Iconic? Iconic.

    Thanks to @aux for doing such an amazing job despite our result tomfoolery - so glad we could keep this tradition going!
  6. This was a good rate. @aux
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  7. Okay but this song list is incredible.
  8. What a wild ride! So proud of how well Halsey was received in their first BPG outing. The music really spoke for itself! Thanks so much @aux for the excellent write-ups, the pace, the graphics...etc all of it was perfect! Couldn't appreciate you more. <3
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  9. Laying them all out like this… maybe we do have taste.
  10. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Lorde being a BPG seems like a lifetime ago.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. yeah
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  13. Ch…
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  14. @aux is a legend.
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  15. My 11 won so now I can admit I gave Need to Know a 5


    Gracias por el trabajo, @aux eres la puta ama <3
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  16. This was my first rate that I’ve participated in and it was a wild ride. Some of those song rankings are beyond my comprehension (Doja got done dirty y’all). A fantastic top five though and a deserved winner.

    Thank you @aux for guiding us through it all!
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  17. What an amazing Top3 and what an amazing winner. Thank you so much for hosting @aux
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