I just want to add that Happier Than Ever is not only deeply personal and emotionally connected, but also works as a parody of the criticisms lodged against her: That she sings so quietly, that she's just another sad emo girl etc. It is not only sonically tremendous, but thematically as well. It accomplishes so much, including serving as the thesis for the entire album.

She is masterful as a pop star and the win here is beyond deserved.
What a wild ride! So proud of how well Halsey was received in their first BPG outing. The music really spoke for itself! Thanks so much @aux for the excellent write-ups, the pace, the graphics...etc all of it was perfect! Couldn't appreciate you more. <3
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@UncleDeSeanAli giving Willow a 10 was NOT on my 2022 bingo card.

This was my first rate that I’ve participated in and it was a wild ride. Some of those song rankings are beyond my comprehension (Doja got done dirty y’all). A fantastic top five though and a deserved winner.

Thank you @aux for guiding us through it all!