BIG POP GIRLS 2022 - #40

Some of you have never tasted that Pink Venom and it shows. The girls that get it, get it.


Question? is one of the weakest songs on Midnights so it won't be missed. Its better than some songs that are still in the rate though.
Hi friends!

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(Results may vary. Bouncing, popping and dipping in the gluteus maximus can occur. Do not take Pink Venom if you're allergic to bops, bangers or if you have a history of chronic lameness. Consult your physician if feelings of euphoria last more than 72hrs, as these symptoms commonly become permanent. This testimony is brought to you by: Blinks foundation to help unnies-in-training achieve success.)

Take control of your happiness and try Pink Venom today!*
*(excerpts from this post are taken from my previous stannage, but bare repeating now)
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Over “Glitch” and “Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve”? Nope!

On an album that almost constantly harks well-trodden sonic ground for Taylor, ‘Glitch’ actually provides a light moment of interest in the album’s back end. It’s not a monumental listen, but I appreciate the weird little production flourishes within its floaty coffee shop atmosphere. ‘Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve’ pulls from past glories, but at least those glories are arguably the two best albums of her career.

‘Dear Reader’ is just dull. A pleasant enough listen, but she’s done it before (and better), and she’s capable of far more at this point in her career.