G3 N15, Delirio De Grandeza, Hentai, Diablo, Bulerías, and Como Un G all outlasted by La Fama and the sterile remains of Midnights and Crash



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As someone who only listened to Rosalia’s album to be able to take part, I have to say I don’t think her concepts often leap off the screen which, regardless of language, is something you sort of need to stick the landing. Maybe a bit too intellectual and abstract in places with a language barrier on top affecting her scores across the board? I’m rooting for Bizcochito, the rodent bop that could.





HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 10 (@eatyourself, @Jersey, @Attis, @Mr Blonde, @Andy French, @Purple, @Maria, @SlowGinFizzzz, @DinahLee, @papatrick)
LOWEST SCORE: 4 x 2 (@Verandi, @Sprockrooster)

"Selfish Girl" leaving means that the last remaining track from the deluxe edition of CRASH is "Sorry If I Hurt You". The correct choice in my opinion. Surprised?

The song can be distilled to simply Charli XCX over a phenomenal UK-garage beat. The beat is great and it's not something that Charli normally does, which is always welcome. For me, one of the most fascinating bits about Charli as an artist is her ability to forge this identity, blending hyper-pop with... well, just about everything! I think we need to sit down Mx. Charli and Mx. PinkPantheress in a room together, because honestly, I think they could both create the song of the century. I mean, Charli on something like "Passion" or "Take me home"... The smash. I'm salivating.

If I had to push a couple of grievances with this song is that it's a bitsy repetitive. I know it's part of the gag with Charli, sometimes the lyrics are just there to work on a vibe which is then reinforced by the production swallowing her. It's not a bad thing! It just sometimes doesn't work as it should. The other bit is that I wish her vocals were a bit higher pitched. It's such a minor thing, but I think it could've made this work a bitsy better. Overall, it's still a great song. I'm just grasping at straws.

I'm not too sure if this is a leftover from the Charli sessions, but I think it might be. The song was first teased in early 2020, way before how i'm feeling now was even on anyone's mind. It maybe was always intended for this album - with the pandemic pausing CRASH's sessions and Charli solely focusing on how i'm feeling now. I guess we'll never know. The reason I think it's also from those sessions it's because it's produced by Lotus IV, who also worked with Charli on "Cross You Out" and "Gone". They've also worked on some songs for this album which are still on the rate, for now.

Selfish Girl is so cool. Not sure, there’s something that Charli just know how to make these “bragging but also hate my life lol” songs and they just work. I few like it’s a bitsy underrated but also states that Crash is a great record overall, even with all the hate towards it. Anyone else singing this would be taken as a highlight.