BIG POP GIRLS 2022 - #7

I really like Elton John. I think he was one of the first artists I ever got into. But Tiny Dancer is one of his weakest singles and it was such an odd choice for this collaboration.

Imagine if they'd released I'm Still Standing 2.0?

Or, if they wanted to keep it downtempo and mellow, I think Britney's vocals would work really well on Daniel.

She paused Project Rose to give Elton one last zap of the defibrillator and it actually worked i fear. I saw him terrorizing Joni Mitchell on Youtube the other day. I couldn't see a gun but i felt it's presence. I have to say (barely) hearing fresh vocals from her in 2022 after... everything... was quite an emotional moment for me and affected my score. Pretty Girls was also my most scrobbled track of 2015 so what do i know!

I only gave this a 5.5 so I'm not mad it's left already. The production is pretty sounding, but the vocal processing is pretty terrible. That being said, there's still a sizeable chunk of Midnights and "Shut Down" that should have left before it.
To even hear the slightest of her voice in 2022 gave me the feels, but in the end I just couldn't give it a highest score, because ultimately what she gave us of it was minimal. Unfortunate.
Personally I think a song that inspires nothing in me is worse than one that's actively bad, like at least go all the way and commit! On top of that Hold Me Closer is barely its own song anyway, it's so cynically engineered to cash in on nostalgia and if Britney wasn't on it I would think it would've been challenging Unholy for the bottom spot. Nostalgia is one thing but it's baffling to me that people are advocating for original material to be out before this zero effort boomer catnip.