BIG POP GIRLS 2022 - #9

Easily one of the worst on the album. I'm pleased!

I really don't get how a song like Question...?, which is inoffensive/pleasant at worst, can be considered a 2... but of course I gotta keep in mind some people still think hating Taylor is a personality trait

A song so nothingy doesn't deserve a high score teebs. It could disappear from streaming right now and nobody would even notice. Which could be said for half of the album anyway.
My biggest issue with Question are the lyrics, especially of the chorus. I’m sorry but
Can I ask you a question?
Did you ever have someone kiss you in a crowded room
And every single one of your friends was
Making fun of you
But 15 seconds later they were clapping too?
Then what did you do?
Did you leave her house in the middle of the night?
Did you wish you'd put up more of a fight?
When she said it was too much?
Do you wish you could still touch ...her?
It's just a question
are some of the clunkiest, stupidest lyrics that have come from Taylor — and she’s just so much better than this.





HIGHEST SCORE: 11 x 1 (@lovechoerrymotion) | 10 x 7 (@aux, @GimmeWork, @soratami, @Slice of Life, @reputation., @eliminathan, @thommyh)
LOWEST SCORE: 1 x 3 (@happiestgirl, @Trinu 3.0, @nikkysan)

Here's the thing about BLACKPINK. If you know anything about this group, you'll know that they're known for the "formula". Essentially, most of their singles tend to have a very similar structure that works. It's always the same producer, the same onomatopoeia post-chorus, that kind of thing. This isn't necessarily a bad thing - the group are known for these bombastic songs, "girl crush" concepts - and most groups have placed their own spin on it, but BLACKPINK's remain the most consistently great.

"Pink Venom" is a brilliant re-introduction for BLACKPINK, after taking a year out without much movement aside from solo singles, it was great seeing them back with a classic BLACKPINK song... except this one had a slight twist. I mean, the song kind of has an interpolation of Rihanna's "Pon De Replay" with one of Lisa's raps, which people were quick to notice. It also uses traditional Korean instruments and fuses them with the contemporary, blending them with BLACKPINK's signature style.

A fun story I have with this song is that it's one of the few K-Pop songs that I know the entire choreography for. I guess, in part, that's also why I really enjoy it. I know the song inside out for the choreography and appreciate it a lot more after listening to it far too many times. Yes, I might be a prime subject for a study on Stockholm Syndrome.

I do think that BLACKPINK have done better than this, including "Shut Down", but this is still a great song. I highly recommend their music for the gym, it does its job brilliantly.

Resident BLINK, @lovechoerrymotion, leaves their love for "Pink Venom" commenting "The chants in the beginning, the raps straight from the Ice Spice Academy of Excellence, the vocals from my girls Rosé & Jisoo - they had one chance out of the YG dungeon and they took it! And the ratatatas gave birth to the magic that is "Ditto" by NewJeans, stream it!" And yes, I co-sign the NewJeans' stanning.

Shut Down should have been out first since it's the worst song left in the rate, but I'm not torn up by this. I gave it a 6.5, but that might have been a bit generous. I remember a few interesting elements, but can't really remember the chorus, so that's not a great sign.
Don't get me wrong as I'm as much of a stan of Jisoo as any Kpop Ghwey should be, but Pink Venom's kind of a weird one for me... I wasn't impressed after listening to it first when I expected them to come back with something as big as BOOMBAYAH or Lovesick Girls. But then I grew to like it... Then straight up ignoring it again. Now I'm relistening giving this commentary and... I'm kinda into it again?


As for Question...?, well... I like it as it's a nice song, but it fails to get any excitement out of me. Something that could count for a lot of Midnights. Should it be out yet? I don't think so. Do I care that it's out yet? Nah.