We're back on tonight with a song that has been mentioned in the last five pages.

Those three songs, can you say TASTE! Also happy this did so well and is as well loved in this forum as in my playlists! Tokischa’s tiny desk may be my favorite for how she turns the assumed NPR acoustic ~foreign language~ performances on it’s head.

Tokischa top 30 BPG not everybody has that!

It's been mentioned more than once.


I’m getting ENERGY but it should be Her


You better not be Rosalia fake chewing gum on stage during the performance of "BIZCOCHITO" in the MOTOMAMI World Tour?




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This is perhaps, the greatest ringtone ever made. I know, jokes been made a thousand times, but it's wild to me that one of my favourite songs of last year is only one minute and forty-five seconds long. We do live in a time where it feels that songs are getting shorter and shorter, I too sigh when I see a song under three minutes. However, unlike some artists who do have insanely short songs which leave you craving for more or an extended mix, I find that "BIZCOCHITO" runs its length perfectly. This isn't a PinkPantheress situation where I need the songs to reach the three minute mark. I feel that if this song was any longer, I'd go insane and tired of the song fairly quickly. It's a short burst of craziness without the full dosage.

I'm intrigued to see if this rings true for people on the forum, but this song felt like a breakthrough for Rosalia. This song went omega viral on TikTok as a sound, as well as on Twitter as the GIF you see above. It felt like after every night of the tour, new videos of her chewing gum and side-eyeing people would come out and also go viral. It reached such a point that I began seeing people complain about it, asking when the tour was going to end. This was one of the first times I saw a lot of my non-hispanic mutuals on Twitter even bring up her music. It felt like this weird ass song caused a lot of people to discover her music... and what an introduction it is.

I was listening to an interview of her, and she described this as her first "Rosalia" album. I'm not going to go on an exploration of her catalogue like I have with Robyn in order to explore her canon, but I can understand what she means. No, this isn't her debut by any means and she's aware of that. She thinks of this album as the first record that is hers. Los Angeles and El Mal Querer, for Rosalia, are vehicles for her to sell the stories of others. MOTOMAMI is about her, in every sense of that. While that rings true lyrically for many songs, here, it's the production that feels like it distills what the new Rosalia is like. It's this wild, energetic, transformative and eclectic song; just like the artist behind it.

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Energy could’ve gone by now but Move is better than Bizcochito and a number of these other recent eliminations and if y’all actually listened to the full song rather than the first “Move out the way!” before turning it off to get to Heated then you’d know that!
BIZCOCHITO is annoying but in a cute fun "2014 PC Music"/"Timbaland blatantly lifting an 8bit ringtone for the backing synths on Do It back in 2007" girlypop kind of way. @aux put it perfectly - the length is just enough for it to land on the right side of abrasive.

Still waiting on that Soulwax remix too ma'am!!!!!!!!!