This cut leaves Rosalia with only three songs in the rate: "SAOKO", "CANDY" and "DESPECHA". However, none of these songs will be leaving tomorrow. Any guesses as to what will instead? xx
Lemme guess, another CRASH cut!


BIZCOCHITO and LA COMBI VERSACE are fantastic. Let’s just get that out of the way.


I’ve had a very long, bad day and I have now processed New Shapes’ elimination.

After initially being whelmed by a collaboration of three of my favourite singers, it eventually opened itself up to me in all its layers.

It opens up with those synths and those in-yer-face vocals. Somebody said here it all starts off way too cheap sounding and to me that’s what its intention was all along.

Charli gives us her verse, which in parts sounds just a smidge too close to home, followed by Chris proving us he’s a C.U.N.T. King personified, while Caroline eventually slides down from heaven to give us the middle 8. All sound fucking gorgeous.

I also read that the chorus was a let-down, but y’all just to need to get ears, because it actually all builds up into all of them ad-libbing over each other, which is deliciously backed up by Chris’ wailing in the background.

And the video? Exactly what I expexted. All three of them looking excellent, with not a single move in sync. Just three artists doing it their own way. But together.

Therefor it’s my 11.
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LOWEST SCORE: 5 x 2 (@Verandi, @Phloo)


I kid, I kid, but the song has been holding on to dear life for a bit. This has been getting calls to be eliminated as one of the first from RENAISSANCE since the start. It's a good song, I don't think we can deny that, but I feel that mostly everything in the album washes this with ease. However, in an album that is effectively a masterpiece - even the not-so-good moments are still brilliant.

This song breaks away from tradition from the rest of the album. It does not have any samples or interpolations. It's just created by Beyonce, Syd and Leven Kali. While this isn't a bad thing, it does add to why this song stands out so much within its parent album. RENAISSANCE is an album built around these disco and dance texts, expanding them and playing with classics and forgotten deep cuts, enlightening new listeners to them. "PLASTIC OFF THE SOFA" does not contribute to that part of the ethos of the project.

However... The song does show that you can still have a groove in quiet moments. It stands out because it's quite a slow song, but in all honesty, at this point it's rare to find an album that does not have a ballad or a mid-tempo slotted in there. Despite that, the song still is a vibe. It doesn't feel like it goes nowhere. It suits the sensual, sultry mood of the rest of the record seen in other songs like "PURE/HONEY".

I feel like I can't talk about this song without talking about how this airy production is aided by the incredible delivery from Bey. I'm sorry but she chewed. There's people who just know how to sell the shit out of a song and that's what Beyonce does best. She knows exactly when to go into her upper register and sound incredibly intimate. She just soars.

The song has yet to be performed live... and I hope it's not part of the upcoming tour (don't @ me), so I leave you with a banger that has very little to do with this song but everyone should stream.