11 x 1


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When CRASH first came out, before the deluxe edition dropped, "Constant Repeat" was my immediate favourite with "Lightning". I don't know why, but this immediately felt like the most expensive song. The production felt incredibly thought out, intricate and deep. The song is produced by Lotus IV who is behind plenty of other classics from Miss XCX, so it's no surprise I ended up adoring this too. The production has a clear weight. It feels like it has stakes - it's constantly rising and playing with itself, building synths all the way through. It suits the sell-out vibe of CRASH without going down the drain like in songs like "Beg For You".

Beyond the production, I really dig the melodies. The song is incredibly catchy. I've always said it, Charles knows her way around a hook. It's why her most bizarre songs still manage to be catchy and inline with other pop songs while being on the fringes. The "When you're lonely" refrain gets stuck in my head, always. Listening to the song right now, I already know it's going to be stuck on my head for the rest of the day.

I also dig the outro so much. I wish it went a bit harder, something like... "Track 10"... That type of breakdown would've worked so well on something like this. Where CRASH really shines for me is when it doesn't fully sell-out, but blends that style of pop music with Charli's hyper-pop sensibilities. If it had been pushed more with this song, it would've been an 11. That said, honestly, I think the fade works so well since the album is aiming for 80s nostalgia.

And with this cut, CRASH leaves us with three more songs: "Good Ones", "Lightning" and "Sorry If I Hurt You". Is this the correct top three?

Oh y'all are SO wrong for this! Constant Repeat should've made the top ten. The production and melody are just soo good, this might honestly be my favourite Charli song overall (and an 11 contender for me).

I'm keeping a list of everyone who didn't give this a 10 btw. Trust – you will be dealt with.
"Anti-Hero" is my lowest remaining score, so ideally that would leave next (even though a small part of me actually feels a bit bad for Taylor). After that my lowest remaining score is "Thique", which I've seen no one else call for so I guess she'll be sticking around for awhile still.