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CRASH was originally called Sorry If I Hurt You, making this, the title track. At its inception, when Charli first began working on CRASH, she said the album was going to have some True Romance vibes. While the main album itself doesn't quite reach these heights, bar maybe the opening of "Lightning", this song is so True Romance coded, it's not even funny. This was immediately my favourite track on CRASH the moment the deluxe came out. It's such an instant banger that fizzes in all the right places for the right amount of time. It's just such a precise song, I don't know how else to describe that feeling.

It's also incredibly nostalgic. As I think everyone on here knows, I grew up on Tumblr. I'm not sure if that was good for my mental health, that's a different discussion. I don't think I'll ever forget hearing the opening chords of "Stay Away" and just being subdued by the damn song. Same goes for "Grins" and "Nuclear Seasons" which just left me adoring this woman. I kind of stopped caring for her during the Sucker era, but the True Romance era was... the fucking classic. This song just brings me back to a really weird time in my life. I used to listen to Charli, The 1975, Sky fucking Ferreira... The list is endless.

I think, one thing that Charli just gets brilliantly are these deeply evocative soundscapes that prioritise a feeling as opposed to a message. "Track 10" is the epitome of this. The lyrics are... good, but they're not what matters in the song. It's this incredibly evocative soundscape that captures this ephemeral feeling but making it last forever in a song form. The reason how i'm feeling now is my favourite album from hers is because it captures the insanity of the pandemic in such a brilliant way: an ephemeral moment lasting forever. The album is chockfull of these moments: "c2.0" turned an okay song into a brilliant song about missing ones friends during this fucking weird time. I'd add "Sorry If I Hurt You" to the list of incredible songs which capture this lightning in a bottle feeling. I don't think she gets enough praise for this.

Wait did I know @aux was a fellow tumblr child?! (Though if my memory serves me right you’re too young for the OG Electra Heart Tumblrina lifestyle). Sorry If I Hurt You shocked me in being an undeniable 10 despite being compared against Renaissance and being performed by Charli! The write up nails that special sorcery the song has, evoking a feeling without having to give it a name.