11 x 1

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And the next cut from RENAISSANCE is "THIQUE". Do we agree? Personally, I think it's the correct cut. It's one of my lowest scores on the album and doesn't feel wholly... up there with the rest of the tracks left. It's still great, see the score, but it's not one I'm sad to see not make it further.

I'm sure this was discussed in the thread, but one of the producers behind the song, Hit-Boy, said this song's beat is actually from 2014. I'm sorry, but that's just insane to me... Imagine sitting on something like this for eight years. It just makes me salivate for whatever else is behind the vaults. Something like the visuals for this album perhaps?

Jokes aside, the beat on this is brilliant. It actually reminds me a lot of Billie Eilish's "bad guy", with those weird hypnotic sounds. Y'all know what I'm talking about. It's wild to think that this is from 2014 yet still sounds... current? It just goes to show how ahead of the curve Bey is. It doesn't sound outdated at all for a production that's nearly ten years old.

As we've all seen the tweets, the best bit of this song is when the spirit of Tinashe possesses Beyonce. It's a fantastic moment and one of the best on the album. It's one of the things I love about Bey, it's her ability to change her voice and delivery in these iconic ways. She goes from rapping to this gorgeous high register and it just fucking works brilliantly. There's an assertive nature about her entire delivery throughout the song that really sells it for me.

Also, she's sick for cutting this track from the tour.

@Trinu 3.0, our sole eleven giver, comments "I just know she made this one so I could have a soundtrack to bounce to at the beach xx". I should note, there was a GIF alongside this, but it has vanished from the internet.

That's that summer
That's them hummers
That's that girl, give me your number


That's that Jordy
That's that Scarlett
That I just got out of college


That's that I don't do this usually
I don't know what you do to me


That I don't do this usually
I don't know what you do to me


Could've stuck around for a few more eliminations teebs!
Interesting to learn that the beat of "THIQUE" is from 2014 - it actually reminds me of Bey's self-titled so it kinda makes sense. The song itself is just about to get too repetitive for me and then reaches that middle-8 (I love the high-pitched synth at the start there), which instantly makes it much more interesting, but I'm not really a fan of the hook. Lovely outro though.





11 x 1


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Isn't it a bit funny how the two songs from RENAISSANCE that Bey cut from the tour are the first to depart the top ten? It's an odd coincidence, maybe she hacked the spreadsheet and said she wasn't gagging. She's still going to jail for removing this song from the tour.

There are many interesting names in the production repertoire for this song, but the most interesting, is A.G. Cook. Yes, one of the main producers behind most of Charli XCX's repertoire also worked on RENAISSANCE. It is not a surprise to see one of the producers behind the spearheading of hyper-pop on an album that triumphs queer dance culture. Most importantly, RENAISSANCE is an album about appreciating the past of the dance genre while also celebrating the future of the genre. BloodPop, of Lady Gaga infamy, makes an appearance here too.

There's another song I sensed some of the hyper-pop feel, "ALIEN SUPERSTAR", but "ALL UP IN YOUR MIND" feels the most inspired by the genre. The bass-heavy synths are a staple of the genre. The song is smacking you with this beat throughout the entire song, but it really kicks off at the end. It's here where it really leans into the hyper-pop influences. This outro makes me want to slam my taint to the floor every time it comes on, fuck.

I just... It's songs like these that leave me in awe of what Beyonce achieved with this record. It's easy to compare this album to other dance albums by Big Pop Girls. I'm sure a list of names comes in your mind, but none of those records achieve what this album does. This immediately sounds like the future. It feels incredibly fresh, delivered by an alien from the future, to show us where we're heading. There's a breadth of influences here - all palpable - but also an air of the future that just feels breathtakingly exciting. She's the best in this game for a reason.

If you were to ask me, I would've placed this in my top five of RENAISSANCE. Godspeed.

@Trinu 3.0, our sole eleven giver, comments "I just know she made this one so I could have a soundtrack to bounce to

@Trinu 3.0 Is that what they calling it now xx

I've annoying neglected the rate a little bit but whew - the dominance. And obviously deserved. Wasn't expecting 'All Up In Your Mind to even go top 30, so I'm pleasantly surprised.

My 11 isn't even the best song on the album but it symbolises the most. If that doesn't win Virgo's[nominated] Grammy plz