5. Heated
4. Virgo’s Groove
3. Pure/Honey
Winner: Cuff It or Alien Superstar. I legitimately love them both so much and equally; either winning would be fine.

America Has a Problem and All Up In Your Mind should be in the top 5 though.
"SUMMER RENAISSANCE" shouldn't have missed the top 5 out of what's left but I can see why it left at this point.

Pretty sure that "PURE/HONEY" is my least fave out of this top 5 but I feel like "ALIEN SUPERSTAR" will be taking this rate regardless.





11 x 4

@Phonetics Girl
@Trouble in Paradise
@Sail On

HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 47 (@aux, @Solenciennes, @Joe., @Sanctuary, @Dijah, @fatyoshi, @eatyourself, @boom bazooka joe, @dylanaber, @Remyky22, @Serg., @-M-, @Jersey, @RetroPhysical, @Mr Blonde, @R27, @Cutlery, @daninternational, @Purple, @godspeed, @Jonathan27, @aaronhansome, @klow, @Slice of Life, @Babyface, @BTG, @SlowGinFizzzz, @RainOnFire, @nikkysan, @DinahLee, @K94, @Dreampopboy, @Laurence, @Gabeee9292, @FINISH LINE, @Music Is Life & Death, @Monkey Meat, @Isobel, @eliminathan, @papatrick, @BEST FICTION, @Ensnare, @Petty Mayonnaise, @lovechoerrymotion, @Heartthrob, @beyoncésweave, @heavymetalgaga)
LOWEST SCORE: 6 x 1 (@Sprockrooster)

I feel like a lot of you are going to be mad about this leaving now... and rightfully so! This is the problem with this album, every song feels essential to its listening experience. It's not a fully gapless/mixed album, but it feels like it must be listened to in full because of how effortless the transitions are. And even beyond that, the easiest answer is that every song is at least above an 8.

Either way, and then there were four...

"HEATED" is an afrobeat song. It is the evergreen song of the summer. The song is immaculately produced, the fucking fan noises during the outro... It's these little moments that really show the level of delicacy and care that this album was made with. It's things like this that propel Beyonce as an auteur of pop music, someone in complete and total control of her craft. I'll get to the outro later, but that is genuinely, one of the greatest moments on the entire record.

This song was a Drake reject. Yes ma'am, his fruity ass had to be behind this. Look, I hate him as much as the next person, but I'm not surprised the person behind "Passionfruit", which is phenomenal, would be behind something on the same soundscape. Drake's demo of this song partially leaked in June of 2022. Allegedly, it was originally meant to be Drake's song, with Beyoncé as a feature. However, "HEATED" arrived without the man over the track. I'm thankful this was the case.

Returning to the outro... This is delicious and so, fucking, gay. It's straight up ballroom-inspired chat, delivered in the most cunt way. It's these moments that really, for me, make the album. It's showing that Miss Carter did her research. It doesn't feel unauthentic like some other pop girls when they try to cater to gays. Yes, this is shade to exactly who you're thinking. Beyoncé delivers these lyrics with conviction and others should take notes. The song teases this moment intensely, with lyrics from the outro emerging in the background all throughout the song. It's edging you, waiting for the release, she's not letting you go just yet. The little giggle she lets off at the end of the song once she's done too... She knew she devoured.

This was a moment on tour too. The robot arms fanning her off, that is futuristic camp. When she performed it at my date, she was already performing the second half of the song in the middle of Club Renaissance. It made more sense in there with the crowd, considering how much of a crowd pleaser the track is. This is something that really struck me. The track was getting the reaction you'd expect from a world conquering hit single. "HEATED" was sadly just an album track, but it's too damn good, that people clearly connected with it. It got one of the loudest reactions of the night.

To close us off, I leave us with @Trouble in Paradise, who explains their adoration for this track with a single anecdote, "When first experiencing RENAISSANCE, which we all know is a religious experience, this was the only song I had to replay before continuing the Service. When my husband heard if for the first time he immediately called it as my song since I have been known to get HEATED."