Only two tracks can make it onto the finale, but which one will it be?

It's not...




11 x 11

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HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 40 (@aux, @man.tis.shrimp, @rdp, @fatyoshi, @eatyourself, @boom bazooka joe, @Remyky22, @GimmeWork, @RetroPhysical, @Mr Blonde, @Blond, @Daniel_O, @Cutlery, @Ana Raquel, @Maria, @godspeed, @Jonathan27, @aaronhansome, @Slice of Life, @Babyface, @BTG, @Mushroom, @SlowGinFizzzz, @TéléDex, @DinahLee, @K94, @reputation., @Dreampopboy, @Soygirl, @Laurence, @Artemisia, @Music Is Life & Death, @papatrick, @BEST FICTION, @thommyh, @Ensnare, @happiestgirl, @beyoncésweave, @Trouble in Paradise, @heavymetalgaga)
LOWEST SCORE: 6.5 x 1 (@unnameable)

Disco is an incredibly sexual genre. One of the pinnacle tracks of disco music remains being "I Feel Love" by Donna Summer, a track Beyoncé herself samples on this album. "I Feel Love" oozes a need for sex and intimacy with one of the greatest vocal deliveries ever from the great Donna Summer. Her voice reaches the highest highs with a strength and warmness that just fills the recording of that song. I know the gays say this as a joke a lot, but truly, God was in the studio with them when that song was recorded. "I Feel Love", despite originally being a b-side, became one of the most influential tracks in the history of music. Its impact on electronic music is incredibly palpable. Despite Beyoncé sampling this track later in this record, vocally, this is her take on "I Feel Love".

Beyoncé's voice completely takes over in this entire track, filling the recording of the song in the same way Donna Summer did with "I Feel Love". It's an otherworldly vocal take because... Holy fucking shit... The vocal range and control one must have to deliver something like this is wild. She delivers this song with an immense intimacy. It's a voluptuous track, rich in detail and emotion.

"VIRGO'S GROOVE" is a six minute disco odyssey that uses every minute to arrest its listener into an elevated plane of existence. There is not a moment of this track that is wasted, every second is exquisite. I will never forget pressing play on this track for the very first time. I remember closing my eyes and just surrendering to the track. It's got a power that is genuinely indescribable. It's track's like these that make me adore electronic music. A genuinely unforgettable banger of a track. I could live in the world of this song forever. The song was given the radio treatment in the UK, does this make it a single? If it does, it's up there as one of her greatest singles ever. It's just absolutely bulletproof for me. It's catnip for the type of music I adore.

I really wish this had won in some sort of tie because I genuinely adore every track left. At one point, earlier in the rate, this was the winner. Yes, every score counted into it edging down to the top three. Regardless, the song had an amazing performance.

This leaves us with our finale:


Onto the commentary!

Of course, the song being titled over an astrology sign, the comments began with that. @CorgiCorgiCorgi questions if "Maybe astrology is worth it after all?". Similarly, @eliminathan shows that they have no bias despite their own astrology sign, writing "This song is truly immaculate and I'm not just saying that as a Virgo!"

@Dijah, seems to adore this track on the same level as myself, commenting that it's the "Best song ever recorded in the history of music." It's true.

To close us off, I leave with @klow, who perfectly describes what makes this song so special, writing: "One of the finest examples of Beyoncé's skills as a vocalist that I can think of. On a song like "Freakum Dress", she goes about climbing Everest in the bridge - we build to hollering and thunder. Here, Beyoncé's at the summit, flexing, from the very beginning - she keeps promising to take us somewhere, but as she darts and weaves in front and behind a metronomic funk backing, it's unclear as to how anyone could possibly wish to be going anywhere else. Of course, Beyoncé is Beyoncé and Beyoncé is always right (except about music video scheduling, I guess) - because we do get to a series of cascading, beatific vocal runs at the song's end, that allow the listener to ascend to a plane higher than could have ever been conceived at the song's beginning. Simply magnificent in every respect."

This was the correct elimination. As much as I do love Virgo's Groove, it's in the title: it's a groove. Alien Superstar and Pure/Honey are moments. One being the rug pull of "oh you thought this was just going to be a cute little disco tribute" and the other being the culmination of the album's creativity and eclectic inspiration before Summer Renaissance's victory lap. I have an extremely minor preference for Alien Superstar but both would be deserving and go down as one of the best BPG winners of all time. Instantly memorable and iconic and transcendental.
Bey's sensual songs never did anything to me but "VIRGO'S GROOVE" is her best one in that category, it stood out right away, especially that lovely second half. I definitely agree that it could feature her best vocal delivery on the album.

And her only other 'virgo' song, from the debut album:

Interestingly, I feel like it has a similar intimate type of vibe going on. always think I don't like it but then listen to it and find it enjoyable.
The whole top ten has played out exactly the way it should have - except for Heated being kicked off a bit too early (and the fact that Energy should have been included but we can have that conversation in a couple of years).

Pure/Honey for the win! Even though I will still be happy when Alien Superstar inevitably takes the top spot, because she really deserves it. Just as do Heated, Virgo's Groove or Cuff It, I mean the quality of everything on this album and these scores really reflect that. I'm so grateful we had a modern classic like this drop, something that everyone just seemed to agree was phenomenal because it really is. What a satisfying end to this rate.
This has to be the most amazing top three in any rate in the history of music ever. Not exactly surprisingly, I gave my 11 to Alien Superstar because it really feels like the essential Renaissance track, but I would be just as happy with Pure/Honey winning this whole thing. Virgo's Groove more than deservedly completed the trifecta of immaculate Beyoncéness; like @aux already described more eloquently than me, her vocal performance on this truly is unmatched and out of this world. Who else but Queen Bey?