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HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 2 (@TéléDex, @lovechoerrymotion)
LOWEST SCORE: 1 x 1 (@Monkey Meat)

A song with Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion sounds like an Earth-shattering single on paper, but my goodness, if this isn't a misfire.

I feel like this was rushed. The story goes that Megan and Dua really wanted to collaborate with each other, expressed in interviews and in social media, with fans begging for the collaboration to happen. I would assume that they began actively looking for songs that would match them and landed on this. I think there would've been something better for them elsewhere because... it really doesn't match the potential of what the song could've been.

It's really bizarre because, in part, I kind of dig the production. I mentioned it when the song came out and others raised it in the thread, but the song is kinda giving K-Pop (not derogatory, depending on who you ask). I immediately heard the intro to the song and thought it sounded familiar. I dug around and it reminded me of "Perfect Love" by LOONA. Now, that's what I call a classic. Speaking of LOONA, everyone light a lil' prayer candle for them and let's hope they can be freed from their godawful company.

"Sweetest Pie" served as the lead single for Megan Thee Stallion's latest album, Traumazine. It's slightly fitting for the album, as I found it to be a biTsy underwhelming. I guess that's part of why it was not included in full and only the singles made it in the rate. The album felt more like a mixtape and also felt just, thrown together to serve a purpose (in this case, get Megan out of her contract with her label) as opposed to being an actual quality album. Similarly, "Sweetest Pie" just felt undercooked, thrown together to collaborate on something as opposed to making a great song when the right one came along.

The music video is the most uncanny valley thing I've seen in a while. Dave Meyers is such a hit and miss director for me. He's got Ariana Grande's "no tears left to cry" under his belt, but at the same time "ME!" by Taylor Swift which is a godawful companion to an already abysmal song. The music video doesn't really make sense with the song either, visually at least, because I kind of get the concept.

I guess, the crux of the issue with this song is that, it just feels underbaked. The hook is catchy, it's fine. The verses are there, with some minor lines that stick, but nothing else. It feels forgettable, more than anything. I had forgotten this came out in 2022 until I began compiling the rate. It's a shame because this could've been something big, a momenT, but it really just came and went.






HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 3 (@eatyourself, @lovechoerrymotion, @heavymetalGAGA)
LOWEST SCORE: 2 x 1 (@Monkey Meat)

This song is minging. It's the perfect first cut from this album, specially from the deluxe edition, which I thought was a phenomenal addition to an already solid album.

"What You Think About Me" is essentially just Charli dragging her fans - rightfully so - but it doesn't make it good. I believe this song was made around the time Charli got into a fight on Twitter with one of her fans. It's just hilarious to me to think that Charli read this and the Kill Bill sirens began blaring.

Charli replied with a bunch of tweets. One of these was her thinking that "mother" meant she was old, as opposed to be endearing, and got really mad about that.

Another one got her calling a fan a cunt, but I think this tweet has been deleted since.

It was kind of iconic, but for all the wrong reasons.

Back to the song, it was produced by AG Cook who really can do no wrong with Charli in terms of production, and that's the only salvageable part of this song for me. It's all Charli by the numbers, at least in the production department, which means it's really solid! I wish the production was used on something more interesting.

I just think... lyrically, the song is completely undercooked. I think it's hilarious that she just wrote a song telling her fans to fuck off... but there's no more beyond that. I don't have issues with Charli's lyrics generally, which is why I'm surprised I find this to ruin it for me. I mean, a lot of her songs are just her repeating something over and over and over... And that's it! But it really works to create an interesting sound, something exciting. "Track 10" which is just her saying "blame it on your love" for most of it, works because of how much they pushed how her voice can be played with. It has variety, weight and impact. Hearing Charli just say "I don't give a fuck what you think about me" over and over, in the same way, it's a bit boring.

It's just a shame because this is such a stinker on the phenomenal deluxe edition.



I will be at a concert tomorrow night and away from my laptop for most of the day, so I'm going to try and get a lil' guest elimination to happen hehe.

By the way! In case anyone needs to catch-up, here are all the songs that have been eliminated thus far. Once we get to the top sixty, I'll post a recap of what's left. This post is in the first page for future reference.