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"G3 N15" is one of the most intimate songs on MOTOMAMI. According to Rolling Stone, the title of the song is meant to be pronounced as "Genis" which is her nephew's name. The song is about the pandemic, and Rosalia's experience of being in lockdown in Los Angeles. The song is addressed to her young nephew, the one the song is titled after, who she wasn't able to see for two years whilst stuck in the United States. The song is about her love for her family and how much she missed them. This is further emphasised by the closing voice note, allegedly from Rosalia's grandmother, where she literally says how important family is to her.

The song traces many of the themes of the album, once again. It deals with fame. It's how her career means she has to be away from her family for so long in order to create these pieces of work. It deals with God and faith, which is something that is touched at times, but not as explicitly like other themes. The entire production of the song has an organ which honestly took me back to the time I was Catholic and went to church every Wednesday and Sunday.

It's a gorgeous song. Rosalia sounds exquisite on the track. Knowing Rosalia's background, it's no surprise that she devours this. Her voice sounds like it's about to crack in tears at any moment. It's insane. One thing I commend Rosalia for is her vocal ability to go to these insane highs and make it seem effortless. This song being one of those.

The more and more I think about this album and write about it, the more I commend Rosalia's craft. I have had many gripes with her music in the past - many of us as well, just judging from her thread - but it's moments like these that remind me how meticulously she creates her albums. It's crazy how so many dismissed this album as Rosalia "selling out" when to me, it feels as intricate as EL MAL QUERER.

It's really powerful how you can connect with a song purely based on emotion / the inflection of a singer's voice. I'll admit I didn't know the subject matter originally of G3 N15. But the record's ballads pull you in with the sheer affection in Rosalía's voice, and like @aux mentioned, how she sounds like she's on the verge of tears throughout. Gone too soon.
There is absolutely no filler on Renaissance. There may be tracks that appeal less to people's tastes, but there is not a single moment on the album where Beyoncé goes on autopilot, treads water, or relies on recreating past glories.

Just say CRASH.

Honestly, Delirio De Grandeza is better than anything on CRASH - but the monolinguals are not ready for that conversation.


And neither are the Grammys.
Okay I actually can get mad this time because I gave G3 N15 a 9. Balladinjustice strikes again! Definitely doesn't deserve to be in the bottom half of the rate, at least, even if the top half is going to be 35% Beyonce.