As a lover of both albums I'm just enjoying the show.

Seriously as much as I love CRASH as a whole HOW HAS GOOD ONES SURVIVED THIS LONG. I swear to god if it's one of the last songs standing from the album...

Also I need the MOTOMAMI cull to cease for a bit. We're getting dangerously close to losing some of the best songs on it, and a lot of them deserve to make it into at least the top 25





11 x 1

HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 12 (@Remyky22, @Andy French, @soratami, @Maria, @Jonathan27, @aaronhansome, @reputation., @Gabeee9292, @papatrick, @Petty Mayonnaise, @Mirwais Ahmadzaï, @heavymetalgaga)
LOWEST SCORE: 1 x 1 (@Serg.)

"HENTAI" took a while to grow on me. It's just... such a weird collage of two opposites that it made me really struggle enjoying the song. When the first snippet came out, trust the duchess, I was the first to clown the lyrics. I mean, I don't know how many are familiar with what this song is saying, so here's the chorus translated:

I wanna ride you like I ride my bike
Make me a tape like Spike
I whipped it until it got stiff
In the second place fucking you
In the first place, God

Mind you, this was our first taste of this song, so understandably, I thought this was crazy. The clash between these super horny lyrics and the slow piano just felt... off. When the song came out, and I listened to the second verse, I had exactly the same reaction. I mean, c'mon now!

In love with your pistol, poppy red
Crash this wave, almost controls me
In love with your pistol, poppy red
Crash this wave, almost controls me

It's just such a bizarre clash that sometimes works and other times works. It wasn't until I heard Rosalia talk about the song and why she made it (alongside the album) that I understood the intention and really began to warm up to the song. Rosalia describes the song as a hyper-sexual Disney ballad. It's meant to be this weird clash where the traditionally romantic and PG ballad of Disney flicks gets twisted with this insane horniness and adoration for her partner. It just works.

Pharrell produced the song and it comes through not during the main song, but during the breakdown. The breakdown is fucking brilliant, at least in the production. It's a dissembled reggeaton drum made to sound like gunshots, smacking you in the face out of nowhere. Honestly, this album is so fucking daring and I think that alone deserves praise. It's just wild that not only is it daring, but it works.

I'll be leaving you with @godspeed, who comments: "I remember how terrified this song made me when ROSALÍA teased it before MOTOMAMI came out. I expected the worst of it. Little did I know, it would reveal itself to be one of the greatest and most striking things I’d hear in 2022. “HENTAI” is the type of song that on paper shouldn’t work – something that could be said about most of the tracks on MOTOMAMI. It’s a hybrid between a romantic piano-driven ballad and the type of deconstructed industrial reggaeton production ROSALÍA does so well, and it features some rather crude lyrics. And someway, somehow, “HENTAI” works. It’s chaotic but never sounds like it. It’s genuinely gorgeous and weird, which are two things that don’t always coexist well. ROSALÍA makes the lyrics, as direct as they are, sound sweet and almost kind of poetic – although, not speaking fluently Spanish probably helps witht that! Musically, she found the perfect balance between an intimate, romantic, soft and rather classic song and something that is left-field, experimental, overtly sexual and, in the end, quite funny and beautiful."

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