Bopping to the girls' dramatics while knowing that Taylor, Charli and Carly all have overrated discographies.

Edit: oop another Motomami cut. Shocking!
The rosalia album flopping I'm kinda gagged to be honest.

Sakura is actually cute. Rosalia's tone (and always being perfetly on pitch, I have to say that) is very great and her vocal performance sells a lot of these ballads.

Now I'm gonna fuck something up and say I'm truly happy that Bigger Than The Whole Sky is still in (and so is my 11). Truly great songs with devastating messages\meanings.
Now I know one of them will be out by monday night but that's it.


Now I'm gonna fuck something up and say I'm truly happy that Bigger Than The Whole Sky is still in
You literally jinxed it, I'm screaming.




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"Bigger Than The Whole Sky" is a song which can be interpreted in several specific ways to certain situations, but the key theme is the loss of a loved one. The song trails the difficulty of dealing with losing someone too early and beginning to question the what ifs. It's a question that trails my mind a lot, to be honest. Beyond loss, there's so many situations where I wish I knew what happened if I didn't fuck up or something hadn't shifted. The butterfly effect and all that jazz.

This song has some phenomenal lines. Mother is a songstress and she will not let us forget it! Out of all the elements of this song, I find that the lyrics are my favourite part. It's just devastating the way she's writing about this immense loss. I find this line to be particularly poignant: "Did some force take you bеcause I didn't pray?". I've always struggled with faith and find myself in this intersection of... do I believe it or not? I find that Taylor does this too, see: "Soon You'll Get Better".

The song is stunning, but it fails to spark something in me like other songs about loss in Taylor's discography. I've been very open about my adoration for "marjorie" and how I relate to it. That's a song that just knocks me out. I'm not quite sure why it does it more than this, but I think part of lies in how it's such a particular story that feels universal. I find that this song is a bit too ambiguous about what it's about and maybe that's why it doesn't hit as hard. It's not an objective thing - I'm sure others will relate to it and find more meaning in the song than myself.

In hindsight, this song was more of what I expected Midnights to sound like, based off the original description of the album. I think we can all agree some of us were expecting a Joni Mitchell-esque affair, singer/songwriter record, that felt intimate yet pop-oriented at the same time. This was based off the original imagery, alongside the written prologue to the album which made it sound like this was going to be a sad ass album.

This song hasn't been performed live... yet. However, I bring you the live debut of "marjorie" from The Eras Tour.