I gave this a 7 (which is honestly my 2nd highest score on the whole album ddd), but these comments made me decide to go back and listen. I think I was just so unhappy with this album that it got to the point where I wasn't really giving anything a chance. This isn't a 10 by any means, but it absolutely harkens back to the Dead Petz/SHE IS COMING era Miley (my favorite era for her), and this would probably be a 9 today. Weird that this went out when other songs from this album are left.
Handstand is better than literally everything on GUTS...
And better than almost everything from "SOS" yet that album still has like 15 songs around..

The biggest and probably only major grievance I have with this song is the spoken word intro which feels a bit... unnecessary and I wish the song used that time with another verse.
This is the main reason I gave it a 9.5, I just wish there was a bit more singing parts.
Not to be petulant but this is the first BPG rate I've participated in where so much of what should be discussion is just complaining about the same songs/albums pages on end without anything substantial to contribute to the conversation either positively or negatively. I'd like to think I can recognize when I'm being an asshole so I'm sitting the rest of this out before I start being mean again.

Some of you really don't deserve SOS xx.






10 x 10 (@GimmeWork, @maverick_79, @Jersey, @fatyoshi, @papatrick, @Mirwais Ahmadzaï, @Blond, @Ashling92, @Mr Blonde, @happiestgirl)

2 x 1 (@daninternational)


One of the most interesting tracks from Endless Summer Vacation leaves. This leaves "Jaded" and "River" as the last two remaining tracks from the album. This is definitely in the top three of the album for me, so I can't really be mad at its placement here.

I guess I should come clean but I've never really cared that much for Bangerz. I think it's a good album but it never grabbed me in the same way it did for a lot of my friends at the time. I was at a birthday party when this album dropped and I remember one of my friends had this album gifted to him when it dropped. From the moment he got the CD, he would just play it on the boombox for the rest of the party. They were hooked.

"Violet Chemistry" reminds me plenty of Bangerz, albeit, elevated and matured. I think Mike WiLL Made-It is an amazing producer for Miley, he just knows how to work around her voice and build these interesting soundscapes to sink into. I love how thorough the beats sound on here. It's just a punchy and glitchy production, which of course, I'm going to gobble up. I think the switchover for the bridge is really where the track shines - I adore how the track just pulls it all back and goes for a guitar backline, tying it to the 'day' part of the album.

It's a shame she never performed this and probably will never because I feel like this would sound phenomenal with a live band. Instead of a live performance, I've included one of my favourite songs from Bangerz.



Do you mind giving us a lil recap of what’s left? @aux xo
all-american bitch
bad idea right?
get him back
love is embarrassing
pretty isn't pretty

Kill Bill
Seek & Destroy
Ghost in the Machine (feat. Phoebe Bridgers)
Nobody Gets Me
I Hate U
Good Days


Padam Padam
Hold On To Now

Dua Lipa - Dance The Night
Billie Eilish - What Was I Made For?
PinkPantheress - Angel

RAYE & 070 Shake - Escapism.
RAYE - Black Mascara.
Beyonce - MY HOUSE
PinkPantheress & Ice Spice - Boys a liar, Pt. 2
NewJeans - Super Shy
NewJeans - Ditto
Bizarrap & Shakira - Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53