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Big Reunion Series 2

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by NuhdeensPassport, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. I wonder if the bands knew who was doing the series before they all arrived in that rehearsal room... Vernie seems really bright and I reckon she was looking around astonished at 5th story and Girlthing and probably had it sized up pretty quickly that the series was in trouble.

    Hence the "is there something wrong Vernie .. you have your arms folded..." rubbish. I'd imagine she was thinking that of all the offers that they have turned down to reform and the one they accept involves Girlthing and Kavana.

    Maybe A1 and Eternal will make the smart move and do a tour together.
  2. All of Eternal seem bright to me. I would imagine they didn't know who was doing the show before they signed up, but they definitely knew before the rehearsals because the announcement was made before rehearsals started. I don't think Eternal would have signed up if they'd realised who else was doing it. I'm really curious about whether they were asked for Series One or not. If so, they must be seriously kicking themselves now.
  3. I don't think season one would have been an option as Kelle would have been pregnant at that point plus Vernie's kids are at school most of the day this year for the first time which she says prompted her to think it might be time to do something musical again as she had a bit more free time.
  4. Yes, they definitely knew who else was appearing before rehearsals. When the lineup was announced at Christmas, Jodi tweeted Easther to say that it was an honour to be in the same line-up as her. Easther tweeted her back saying that she was looking forward to meeting Jodi and her girlies - I wonder what really was going on inside her head as she tweeted this!

    I'd also be curious to know whether Eternal would have signed up for BR2 if they'd been aware of the lineup. However, I imagine they are being paid a lot which should help to negate some of the embarrassment. I'm sure that they definitely were asked to participate in BR1 - especially if Honeyz and 911 were asked.

    But no matter what happens now, there was still the Hammersmith gig (even if it didn't sell out). At least their children got to see them perform. I'm also looking forward to hearing Easther in rehearsals next week - there have been some positive comments about her singing.
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  5. I think an Eternal/Damage tour would do well. They won't sell out arenas but should easily sell out the o2 academies of the country.
  6. Agreed. They'd have a similar market as they were both more R&B leaning pop. Makes more sense to me than A1 and Eternal. Eternal and Honeyz would be the ultimate though but would never happen as Honeyz can't seem to get their act together.

    I could see them being miffed about the lineup in a way but on the other hand they might kind of like being the biggest most important act on there.
  7. Eternal and Honeyz would be perfect.
  8. Do you think the fanbase is there for an Eternal/Damage and Eternal/Honeyz tour? I was surprised by how few Eternal fans there were at the Hammersmith gig, but perhaps people weren't willing to shell out 30+ quid for 3 Eternal songs and a load of bands they had no interest in. Or they assumed they would be a tour. Wasn't the BR tour announcement supposed to happen last week? Do you think they're just not going to do one now?
  9. Before the Hammersmith gig Dane Bowers tweeted something like "Make sure you come to the gig if you wanna see us. Don't assume there will be a tour..."
  10. Eternal

    Special guests:
    Shola Ama
  11. They could either join up with other similar acts as Vas suggested. Eternal, Honeyz, Kele le Roc, Shola Ama, Beverley Knight etc... or just pic their vebues properly. Half a dozen shows in venues holding a few hundred would sell I think.
  12. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Bum Like You, or You Like Bum?
    The possibilities are endless.
  13. I'm hoping there's some kind of tour, even if it's in small venues. The boyband overload of 5ive, 911, and A1 at the Chester gig sounds amazing to me, but rather have a tour featuring A1 in local venues rather than venturing to Chester.
  14. This is a very good idea.

    You could even throw in The Honeyz and Dane Bowers to make it a UK RnB supergroup affair.
  15. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Who owns the Smash Hits brand? They should do a tour under that banner, get a few non-BR acts involved too.
  16. Even if Eternal did 1 London show with honeys or damage supporting it would sell out.
    Everyone queuing at GAY was there for eternal and people were desperate to get in

    I think it's very much a case that eternal appealed to a difference audience to A1 and Girl Thing, a lot of fans who would be to old or embarrassed to sit through their songs and pay for the 3 eternal songs. I'd happily pay £30 for a full eternal gig but not the big reunion.

    I think they've got this far, built some sort of bridge (albeit once which I don think will last long) and should capitalise on it whilst they can and there is some interest.
  17. They could put on a tour with a mix of acts from both series, surely that would sell well. Call it 'Big Reunion: Reloaded' or something.
  18. Linzi Girl Thing needs to be on the next Celebrity Big Brother with lots of alcohol, now that would be great TV.
  19. moorje

    moorje Guest

    I really wanted to see Eternal at the reunion gig, but even when they were giving the tickets away for free I still couldn't be arsed because I didn't want to have to sit through A1 or Girl Thing.
    If they did a joint tour with someone half decent or played at clubs or smaller venues then they might attract more people like me who don't have to sit through an hour of shit first.
  20. You guys are spoiled. Shut up and stop moaning about too many gigs or else.
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