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Big Reunion Series 2

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by NuhdeensPassport, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. I'm assuming it will be arenas but a longer tour of large theatres wouldn't surprise me. I'm thinking they might try and 'announce' the shows tomorrow night during the episode.
  2. Looks like thats what they will be doing. I wont be going but im pleased for the bands.
  3. Not sure if it's been mentioned but Honeyz were added as Eternal are no longer appearing.
  4. Well I feel a bit dim now but I wasn't sure when he said it about Emma!

    A1 could have been named after a road anyway. All Saints were. Northern Line were named after a train line.
  5. Tour dates are being announced at the end of tomorrow's night show, apparently.
  6. duckface

    duckface Guest

    No 5th Story?
  7. Does anyone know what the ratings were for last week's show?
  8. Boy bands only? Oh.

    RT @danwootton: RT @Ayeesha_: EXCL: #BigReunionTour is BOYBANDS ONLY incl @official5ive @officialblue @a1official @WeAre5thStory & @OfficialDamage!
  9. I know a lot of people will be disappointed as it's boybands only but I'm definitely happy with the news!!
  10. While it's pretty obvious from last year and this year that the boy bands are the real seat fillers, I feel sorry for Eternal and Linzi from Girl Thing. Unless there's going to be a girl group tour?
    Atomic Kitten
    Girl Thing
  11. What was the point of Eternal even taking part unless they plan to record new music (I wish!)
  12. It seems pretty unfair on Eternal and Girl Thing that they are the only two acts not to get a place on the tour. If the boyband angle was really that important to them, could they not have dropped 911 and had Eternal and Girl Thing billed as 'special guests'?

    It's Linzi from Girl Thing I feel most sorry for actually. She was obviously resting a lot on this working out.
  13. Could an Eternal headline tour with Girl Thing as special guests be a possibility?
  14. Shocked that Eternal won't be on the tour. They're really the only reason I went to the Hammersmith gig. I enjoyed A1 but wouldn't go to the BR just for them. Perhaps there will also be a girlband tour with Series 1 and 2 acts? That would make more sense. Really glad I did make the effort to go to Hammersmith now - like most people, I assumed there would definitely be a tour in May.
  15. I wouldn't feel *too* sorry for them just yet, especially if all the acts were paid up front for the tour this year in advance..
  16. Sorry Linzi, no.
  17. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    What a crock of shit. I don't know if I'll bother now
  18. SBK



    Nothings unfair. Its not ITV or the BoyBands fault they can shift tickets and the Girls can't.
  19. If I remember rightly, when last series was on, when interviewing the audiences most people said they were there to see Atomic Kitten, and the absurd reaction they got when I went to the Christmas tour seemed to prove this right. I think a girl group tour would do well too, but I can't see them doing both as huge arena tours.
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