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Big Reunion Series 2

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by NuhdeensPassport, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Abz isn't doing it with 5ive so its 3hree!
  2. I wonder if this is an indication that a third series will follow with a girl band tour...

    Atomic Kitten
    Girl Thing
    Season 3 girl band
    Season 3 solo female artists put into band

    I would be thrilled!
  3. If Abz isn't going to be there, then it's pointless to have 5ive on the tour. I always felt if they were going to do a tour for this lot they would've had to do Eternal as the headliners with others added on. What they came up with is a very good idea, although it does suck. If I were Eternal, I'd try to get a headlining tour and get Honeyz and Girl Thing as support. I could see that selling.
  4. SBK


    Christ, the wheels came off that truck pretty quick...

    I wouldn't call it pointless, probably still more financially viable than an Eternal, Honeyz and Girl Thang tour.
  5. The idea of a solo artist girl band would be great actually. I wouldn't go to this tour but providing series 3 delivers with the girls, I think this could be more successful than the boyband version.
  6. Where does it say Abz isn't doing it and do we know why?
  7. Oh absolutely the Boy Band tour would be more successful, but I'm just trying to say there are alternatives for Eternal and the other girl groups. Hell, they could throw a couple female solo artists in or American groups and have a good bill.

    A lineup I think would sell is...

    Atomic Kitten
    Danity Kane (i know they didn't release in UK, but based on strong performances I could see them catching on)
    Liberty X
    Girl Thing
  8. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    A mixed tour is always going to sell more than a straight up boy band one though.
  9. I know, right?

    Billie Piper, Holly Valance, Rachel Stevens, Jamelia, Louise, Javine, Samantha Mumba, Kym Marsh, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Martine McCutcheon... There are so many potentials for a girl band!
  10. I agree. Why on earth are Eternal not in the line-up?! It just doesn't make sense as they are the most successful act from BR2.
  11. To end on a high I guess, as they could not have successfully reformed without the BR. However, unfortunately things haven't worked out too well for them, so far at least.
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  12. Baffled why they decided to create this tour idea. Realistically, Eternal were going to help me sell tour tickets.

    They should have really done a "The Big Reunion: The Big Party" or something, and had:

    - 5ive
    - Atomic Kitten
    - Blue
    - Eternal
    - A1
  13. SBK


    Perhaps Eternal couldn't / wouldn't commit to a tour for whatever reason.
  14. I assume Eternal didn't want to do it, for whatever reason. The "boybands only" concept sounds like something they'd fall back on because the best girl bands weren't up for it, not something they'd come up with at the expense of including Eternal.

    Poor Girl Thing, I suppose. But they must have known they were there to tell their story, not because of much interest in their performances or music.
  15. Seems like Easther may have tweeted & deleted something about being disappointed in the tour announcement if this tweet is anything to go by. It could just be about 'missing friends' but given Michelle Girl Thing's response, it seems there might have been some promise / flicker of a mixed tour that was dashed.

    Five posted about it on their Twitter. Thought it was quite a strange announcement as they posted just yesterday that Abz isn't leaving despite rumours. I wonder if this has anything to do with his TV series? I can't really think of another reason he would be unavailable for the tour - from his Big Brother stint, it seems like he might be in need of the income. I guess it might be something personal. He's doing the headline dates coming up, though.
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  16. Thanks! I wonder if 3T are on the boyband tour too.
  17. duckface

    duckface Guest

    They might be doing a girlband-only tour?

    Eternal, Honeyz, Atomic Kitten, B*Witched (WHAT A LINE-UP) and Girl Thing
  18. Why are people insisting Girl Thing should be a part of this tour?! I'd rather they just perform as part of a medley on Saturday Night Takeaway and we can all go back to forgetting them. Linzi and AKneeKoh for Celebrity Big Brother 2015!

    I hope Eternal can recover from all of this, they would have swallowed their pride doing this only for knowing singing at the end of it was the reward. Now that isn't even a reality they probably are thinking "what was the fucking point?" if they're going to do anything it should be a theatre tour, if MKS can with virtually no material, they can.
  19. duckface

    duckface Guest

    That sounds like a total disaster. I would watch the shit out of it.
  20. SBK


    I don't think Eternal have a future, not because there isn't demand, there is a little, in the same way there's thirst for a B*witched EP... But I really don't think they're as friendly as their forced happy *insert day of the week* as their tweets suggest.
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