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Big Reunion Series 2

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by NuhdeensPassport, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Even if the Bennett sisters carry on by themselves I'd be happy, whether they call themselves Eternal or not. Overall, I am grateful that this has happened and that us fans did get a chance to see them come back. It means a lot to someone like me because Eternal were the first pop group I liked properly, ever since I heard I Wanna Be the Only One. The Easther & Vernie being divas issue was kinda trivial bullshit when you think about it. Just glad they came back. Shame I live in the States and wasn't able to see them at Hammersmith.
  2. I can see why they've gone for the all boyband tour. There is absolutely no way the series 2 line-up would sell out arenas.

    I suppose an Atomic Kitten/Eternal/B*Witched/Honeyz tour could fill some medium-sized venues, and they could even invite Girl Thing to provide some background music while everyone queues at the bar. Poor Liberty X though....
  3. But it still does not make any sense that Eternal aren't on board?
  4. SBK


    They're not boys?
  5. I'' be gutted if there's no new material or a tour from the three piece Eternal. They've got my hopes up again.
  6. Liberty X, Atomic Kitten and Honeyz should tour together (because they are the only ones I give a shit about).
  7. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Replenish me Godsilios


    100%. The only relevant musical vehicles.
  8. SBK


    I think her point of view is a balanced one.

    There's no point kicking up a fuss, it just burns bridges. The show needs to claw back something from this year as the ratings have been abysmal.

    It sucks for Eternal, but I think its for the best, their fanbase are a bit more mature and probably wouldn't want to be subjected to an arena tour with Girl Thing, A1 and 5th Story.
  9. I've disliked Jodi more and more in the last few weeks. She seems so fucking smug. It's fine for her to say it was just a bit of fun and a one-off, but what about the others? They're not all married to multi-millionaires. I don't think she really understands where most of them are coming from. To her this is a bit of publicity and a few extra grand to spend on shoes, but for the others it's a big deal. Yes, her point of view is the most realistic, but it's easy to be like that when you have a lovely comfortable life in a mansion in Ireland. I thought she was quite rude and dismissive with her "it's not rocket science, it's Girl Thing" comment in the last episode. It's a big deal to the other girls.
  10. But Girl Thing never were a thing. To put any sort of hope in that this would work out amazingly and they'd suddenly be successful would be utterly stupid. Jodie's aware that they've been lucky to even get on the tv show and has no expectations for it to go anywhere beyond - if it does, fine, I'm sure she'd join the tour or whatever could happen but at the end of the day it's not very likely to last.

    Jodie's being realistic, that's why she worries about Linzi and Kavana who seem to think this'll respark their never-were careers.
  11. I know she's being realistic but she could be a bit less....insensitive. As I said, it's easy for her to see that it's just a bit of fun. Kav and Linzi are desperate and while they might know deep down that it's not going to lead to anything, they probably feel like it's the only option for them. She could be a bit less dismissive.
  12. Haha. They should have Eternal on board and simply call it the Big Reunion tour.
  13. I wouldn't mind adding Eternal to that list.

    It's basically all about Liberty X anyways.
  14. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I don't see the point of the Big Reunion TV programme existing if all the groups aren't going to go on tour together. I have no interest in seeing the buildup to a one-off gig which happened weeks ago. I want to see them on a tour bus l, and adjusting to life back in the spotlight.
  15. And I want a blowjob Tribal but that's life.

    Is the next episode the Show one?
  16. Really warming to 3T after Thursday's episode. When the one of them pretended not to be able to sing! And then they came out with those beautiful voices.
  17. I think so, it will be episode 8 so I suppose it is the last one. I am sure they had more rehearsal footage last series, though.
  18. SBK


    CALL ME.
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