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Big Reunion Series 2

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by NuhdeensPassport, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. I think it's horrible that Girl Thing and Eternal are not on the tour. I can understand why they wouldn't want Girl Thing there but to not have Eternal is a travesty.
    judging by their tweets I'd say Anika and Michelle from Girl Thing are genuinely upset about it, they need it more I suppose

    though personally I don't see any reason why Eternal couldn't do a small tour by themselves. a few shows in some major cities like MKS. I think even 911 did a tour by themselves recently
  2. duckface

    duckface Guest

    Or a special documenting Amelle's attempt at a solo career.
  3. Yes, that's true. The worst thing about the teasers is that half of them are never shown. We saw Easther rolling her eyes in episode one and never found out why. What's the point in that? It's elementary, surely, to make sure that everything you show as a teaser actually appears in the show.
  4. duckface

    duckface Guest

    And I'm still waiting for Emma to cuss out Jade for his two-tone suits.
  5. Is it too early to suggest series 3 acts?

    S Club 7
    Mis Teeq
  6. SBK


    If three a series three there no way they'll get Sclub. The format is ruined now.

    I doubt there'll be third series next year. The pool of desirable bands who could (and would) reform for this is exhausted.
  7. No way will there be a third series. This one has been a complete flop. It's not even the bands, it's the shitty editing and production. They've totally killed the show off.
  8. yep .. on series 1 I thought this was the best show ever but now I think it's time to put it out of it's misery. No band thinking of reuniting would come within a mile of it. Eternal not being on the tour is sad. Girlthing were probably spared the humiliation of people walking out. I mean two songs hardly anyone remembers, a cover and an "As good as" cover.. that's not really a set is it.

    I wonder if Eternal pulled out though.. you can see why they would.. why should they make a fortune for the tv company that sold them out.
  9. Easther said when the tour news broke that she hadn't been told officially that it was a boyband only tour, so unless she was lying, it seems like the girl bands were not only dropped from the tour but that they weren't even told
  10. Kavana's rant about how the other members of Fifth Story should be lucky to have him in the band, just showed what an idiot he really is. Besides his unprofessionalism, he truly is an awful person. All of his scenes are an embarrassment to watch.
  11. Was this on Twitter?

    It still doesn't make sense to me that eternal are not in the line-up for the tour. The biggest selling act from BR2 and they are baffles me. They should just call it the Big Reunion tour and have eternal on board. I imagine the prospect of an arena tour was the key reason Easther signed up in the first place.
  12. This is so true, the first one felt like a celebration, this one just feels like a piss take
  13. This series has been awful, its scraping the barrell (minus Eternal and A1) the tour just proves that they have no faith in this series. I'll be more surprised if its comissioned again (more so than when splash was)
  14. Yeah, I imagine. They probably assumed it would all be the same as last year. Perhaps there is more behind the scenes that we don't know about - Kelle was ill the day before Hammersmith. Maybe her health isn't as good as we like to think it is and she's not up to a tour? It is baffling. I'd be very surprised if Easther put herself out there just for an 8-part series and one-off concert - I wouldn't imagine the annoyance of being recognised more would be worth it. Then again, she made a comment at the Hammersmith show (or was it Vernie?) along the lines of "we started this journey as a three-piece and we'll end it as a three-piece" so perhaps she knew there was a good chance of no tour.
  15. SBK


    Which is odd considering they started as a four piece.
  16. I think for there to be any chance of a third series there needs to be a mini-series which, as many have suggested here, focuses on the bands journeys finding their feet as popstars again and chronicling their lives on tour / one-off gigging / settling back to normal life. If they do that well, it might win the audience back on side again, shift more tickets for the boyband tour, and prove that the format can be successful when done right, paving the way for a third set of groups / solo acts. If the show just ends on Thursday with the 'highlights' from the gig and then disappears until the boyband tour, there is no hope.
  17. They were suppose to do a Girl Band tour too but Atomic Kitten weren't up for it
  18. This sums it all up really.
  19. THIS^^^
  20. This is exactly how I feel. I can't understand those who have said the narration is just like last years - it has a completely different tone and gets personal in a way last series never did.
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