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Billie Eilish - Happier Than Ever

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Jul 25, 2020.

  1. So I guess the editor just placed everything they had on the timeline in chronological order and released it ddd

    The first half hour doesn’t do any favours for the rest, the last hour was probably the strongest. I was really hooked on the footage of them recording the album, but it was broken up by almost irrelevant performances. Had they cut most of the performances, I think Coachella would hit a lot harder. They try and make it seem like the huge moment that it was, but it’s presented exactly like her other small venue performances so it feels insignificant. This could have been stronger if they cut it down to around 1:40.

    Although, I did still watch it all the way through and it’s still in my mind after a couple of days. With the current presentation they very effectively capture Billie, so they definitely achieved something. There’s something to be said for aimlessly following someone around and just experiencing their life for a while. It’s just frustrating that there were a couple of narrative threads presented that were never pursued. It really was just a small portion of her life
  2. Another Grammy in the bag for this young legend!

    Best Song Written For Visual Media

    ‘Beautiful Ghosts’ [From Cats], Taylor Swift
    ‘Carried Me With You’ [From Onward], Brandi Carlile
    ‘Into The Unknown’ [From Frozen 2], Idina Menzel & Aurora
    ‘No Time To Die’ [From No Time To Die], Billie Eilish – winner
    ‘Stand Up [From Harriet], Cynthia Erivo
  3. Well deserved.
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  4. Tonight’s Grammy performance. They killed it as usual.

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  5. Show Yourself from Frozen 2 should have been nominated and won too. But happy for Billie.
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  6. BE2 will be ha Blonde Ambition, whew
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  7. Gorge!

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  8. New hair colour means new album era. We are ready.
  9. She is giving me Rosanna Arquette, but I'm here for this!
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  10. Blonde?!

    Big pop girl era coming!
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  11. kal


    I’m shook.
  12. Taylor Momsen!
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  13. Coming back with blonde hair for her sophomore album following a breakout debut era...

    Her Future Nostalgia is coming.
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  14. Billie Bon Boulash!
  15. Not her serving some amalgamation of all three of them.
  16. The green is gone!!


    She looks gorge blonde.
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  17. I love Courtney Love-Ferreira.
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  18. Ha Future Nostalgia is coming
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