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Billie Eilish - Happier Than Ever

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Jul 25, 2020.

  1. Nothing so far has been as good as the songs on her debut or even her ep...
  2. They will have to push NDA a lot more than they are. It's a terrific song and it would be a shame if it didn't catch up.
  3. The whole "Billie's in her flop era now" thing is so funny to me, because nothing's changed that much from what she was serving literally just a few months ago?
  4. This was never going to match the success of her debut (especially in terms of single sales/charting) and the sooner that people accept that, the sooner we can stop worrying about the numbers that the singles are doing. I imagine her having a trajectory in line with Lana's long-term career, where her singles may not necessarily blow up - with some exceptions - but her albums will always get attention + she'll be free to do whatever she wants sonically. The alternative is having to pander to streaming audiences or radio, which flies in the face of what made her successful in the first place.
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  5. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    I’m waiting for the full album to make a complete judgement as I think it’ll be a project that really clicks as a body of work. Part of what made the first era great was that everything sounded fresh and exciting, which sort of sets impossible expectations if everyone goes in anticipating another fresh and exciting batch of songs.
  7. I would've liked more progression or a pivot to something else added to her current sound. All this talk of the debut was horror and this is thriller like... okay. It all sounds the same but with new window dressing.
  8. I think what really sold her debut were the very striking visuals and iconic aesthetic. It's all very ... beige. The You Should See Me ... and When The Party's Over music videos really helped in selling her. I think the creative department is really lacking this time around.
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  9. I’m more perplexed by the sudden social media campaign to “cancel” her. Her comment section on Instagram and various ~shade~ accounts are doing the absolute most. It doesn’t even feel like any of the criticisms coming from ~98% of commenters are from a genuine place of concern/offense, but more so a very targeted approach of bringing her down. Very big it’sgettingweird.gif energy.
  10. Yeah, the only time I see people mention her now is when they're calling her a racist or to say she's queerbaiting and that she sold out dd.
  11. What went wrong? Cannot understand how it went from mega giga star to struggling just right at the start of an album launch.
  12. She's still doing really well. Her tour sold out in minutes and I'm sure her first week will be huge ... they're just a lot of pushback from the people online who are ironically her core audience.
  13. kal


    All can be explained in three words. People are trash.
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  14. Why do I get the extremely depressing feeling that the "sellout" criticism is solely because she did a shoot with lingerie in it. Never mind that a ton of people were already sexualizing her as a minor despite her doing everything she could so that didn't happen (and I have to wonder if the Venn diagram between those weirdos and her current detractors is a circle in some cases)
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  15. Oh, I'm sure it has to do with the Vogue shoot and her going blonde.
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  16. Getting flashbacks to poor Katy daring to switch up her style and the entire world going Lizard Brain over it. Ugh
  17. It does feel like a weirdly concerted effort to bring her down. I don’t really get it.
  18. The fact that she's actually a natural blonde makes it even more perplexing. Were they expecting her to dye her hair forever?
  19. Can't wait for her own

  20. I can't recall such a contrived effort from largely their own fanbase, to take an artist down. The music is perhaps a little less strong this go around (although really, it's just that Lost Cause was probably one they should have kept for the album rather than pushing pre-release), but plenty of her own fans are really trying to blow the smallest of things out of proportion, truly bizarre.

    Is this just how main pop girl stanning will operate this decade or so? Should Olivia already be planning her Reputation era??? (Answer: No, no one needs a Reputation era)
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