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Billie Eilish - Happier Than Ever

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Jul 25, 2020.

  1. R92


    I struggle to see how any album/era that contains "Your Power" and "My Future" on the tracklist can be a disappointment musically.

    Actually, the only disappointment is that her best song ended up off the tracklist and is an orphaned single, but ah well...
  2. The energy around her is so weird. Like...

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  3. Truly an "it's getting weird" moment if I ever saw one.
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  4. The fuck? I hate that this is going on, especially in light of all the discourse over the past several months about how Britney was treated for years (which is in itself a much larger conversation about how female pop stars are treated in general). It's so easy for the GP to pat themselves on the back and say we've evolved, but it seems the internet can't stop from bandwagon hating on young women. I don't get how this has gone from, "I don't love the singles" to "lets all shit on her". People are gross.
  5. Of course stan culture has been around for decades, but TikTok and Twitter have morphed it into something... else. I feel like we're seeing the seeds of it grow into something darker, which is a shame especially when someone like Billie is suffering the consequences. It's definitely getting weird.
  6. Stans are super weird nowadays. I don't even use TikTok, and those little clips remind me why.
  7. kal


    Tell me you crave attention and validation from your family without telling me you crave it.
  8. I really don't think they're the same groups of people.
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  9. This pushback is weird and unnecessary and it's kind of contributing to the unsettling vibe of the era nn.
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  10. I think her fans are upset because she doesn't feel like "theirs" anymore? She's evolved and has become less relatable (at least image wise) so they feel a bit betrayed. I remember a lot of my classmates started actively hating on Britney for the same reason between From the Bottom of My Broken Heart and Stronger
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  11. The backlash feels premature. I feel like in the past you'd at least get to put out a few albums before people turned on you.
  12. RJF


    Children are dumb trash.
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  13. Oh sweet child, those aren’t seeds. The crop is bountiful, and it kills.
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  14. NDA is a bop and the first song from the new album clicking with me but to echo many others on here, I'm stunned by this pivot from her fans that are turning on her all of a sudden.
  15. Even if it's allegedly "satire" this still gives me such nasty contrarian mean girl energy. Gross
  16. I'm a bit disappointed too. But I think it's kind of what happens when (even very big artists) kind of release too many songs at once hoping something stick. But I feel as though 'NDA' has a decent chance of taking off a bit when the album comes out.
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  17. I still really enjoy Lost Cause in all its hyper minimal, almost neo-soul sound. NDA is incredible though and I'm enjoying this pivot to something more abrasive before the album.

    Her stans not gobbling this shit up....weirdos.
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  18. 3Xs


    Stan culture was just as cringey 10 years ago it's just that we're all old now and can see it for what it is ddd.

    Really, they should have released the album back when Your Power and the Vogue cover shoot dropped. This long, drawn-out campaign is sort of killing her hype which is a shame because the music is absolutely there. Just release the thing and see what blows up organically, like what's happening with Ain't Shit right now.
  19. I don't get any of the backlash she's getting. I have not vibed with most of the songs she's put out for this album so far- but I still admire her being as such a talented individual, and my dislike for some of the new songs is just personal preference. The people who feel the need to shit on her online because...? reasons? though, it's just unnecessary.
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  20. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Performing backlash… is a very weird concept.
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