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Billie Eilish - Happier Than Ever

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Jul 25, 2020.

  1. These are all 'but I thought we were gonna wear baggy clothes together forever!' idiots. Mixed with her not touring (an act like her touring always pumps up the fanbase) and just living life, plus pop fans being fickle (believe it or not there were 'I miss crazy Madonna' people when she released Live To Tell / Papa Don't Preach) and the lack of a dumb GP pleaser like Bad Guy... and we're here.
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  2. The way this isn’t even hard to believe because they’ve been doing it every era since dd
  3. Also super intense teen-fueled breakout eras are always hard to replicate, even True Blue didn't match Like A Virgin in America (did so worldwide), Spiceworld didn't touch Spice, Oops sold less that Baby and so on.

    A drop is inevitable as the fanbase is at an age where tastes change literally in a sleepover.
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  4. NDA, Lost Cause, Therefore I Am are all really good. I’m more excited about the album now that we have these three.
  5. RJF


    I've taken to listening to the five album tracks all together this week and... the material is still great. There are lovely little steps forward in terms of sound progression, and honestly, I'm even willing to cut her a little bit of slack considering we probably wouldn't have even got this album this year if the tour hadn't been cancelled and she hadn't been in a literal lockdown with her primary collaborator. Everything still sounds really refreshing and clean and not stale in the slightest to me.

    I agree with @3Xs that the biggest flaw so far has been not just... releasing the album shortly after announcing it, when the hype was at its absolute highest, rather than waiting a few months to let everything gutter out a little bit.
  6. Kind of confused to the backlash that she’s getting, I guess it’s become cool for kids to hate her? In any case I’m really enjoying NDA, definitely one of my favourites of the era so far.
  7. I’m genuinely so perplexed? Dd like what is going on…

    Are the kids just bored and they’re all hopping on the hate bandwagon?
  8. Hating what you loved a year ago (for teenagers it's basically 6 months earlier) is classic 15 year old moves. Like ALL my friends at school hated Madonna during Who's That Girl and would say the songs were retreads and she had lost it etc. They came back with Like A Prayer of course.
  9. Live performance of NDA:

  10. Preach king.
  11. Teens being trash shocker. And I'm excited about this album, still.

    Have all the pre released tracks on repeat and been thinking about getting that damn box set. But I'm in a non-hoarding point of my life right now, so MAYBE I don't need it.
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  12. Suspiciously-timed as @RJF was typing above post, I did a complete 180 on this pre-grat set. “Your Power” is heavy yet breathtaking, and “NDA” is the slice of electroclash that could; its nails just dig deeper.
  13. Must admit, none of these songs are grabbing me yet. I loved the last album so I hope there's better to come.
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  14. NDA’s Hot 100 debut this week:

  15. I forgot this is coming out so soon. I'm not really hyped. But I will definitely be streaming as soon as possible to check out all the songs. There's clearly going to be some variety judging by all we've heard so far.
  16. ....why did they drag this release out to the 30th of July?
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