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Billie Eilish - Happier Than Ever

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Jul 25, 2020.

  1. I genuinely wonder if they’re surprised at how everything has performed commercially post-Therefore I Am.
  2. I’d say the only one they can be surprised at, and the only one to truly underperform was Lost Cause. I can easily see the label/her team hearing that and thinking it’s a summer smash, with a similarly fun video. Also would fit in pretty well on radio, although I think they didn’t send it to radio? But would assume that’s because it plummeted pretty fast on streaming and its video was so negatively received that they just decided to sidestep it?

    I doubt they expected Your Power to utterly smash, that one kinda did its job. Had the album followed it I think the narrative would be very different.
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  3. Interview with Vevo:

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  4. I just listened to NDA and I couldn’t quite believe my ears - the noise at the begining of the song is the exact same noise that you can hear at the very end of t.A.T.u’s Show Me Love! What kind of coincidence is that? Or is it some kind of subtle tribute?
  5. This has been posted 10 times already dd
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  6. Just no. Who on earth would buy this?
  7. I’m screeching at this
  8. The bar is so low. Imagine buying a CD booklet just because it’s flicked with white paint splatters…
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  9. dd the use of "hand painted" when it's literally just been splattered with a paintbrush from a distance is such classic Marketingese. There's no way it would've been doable, but when I initially read the tweet before watching the video I had assumed she would be like...adding things to the cover portrait.
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  10. Not even that, it's just an art card nn.
  11. I mean, Lady Gaga's "L" signature on my Chromatica is about the equivalent to a splattered mark anyways.
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  12. Nooooo I know I'm inviting the dragging but it just reminds me of Katy on her lives with literal carpal tunnel doing full signatures. Not a cum splat art card
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  13. This kind of comments… My activity on the forum has been very low lately due to personnal and medical issues, so this kind of comments are really not needed. I’m sorry I didn’t read back all the pages and I’m sorry I’m late to the party but I wasn’t privileged enough lately to spend my days on the forum. It’s not like I’m spamming with useless content.
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  14. And my comment wasn’t a nasty one, just pointing out that many other people have thought the same. As in, ‘it’s a popular comment, the intro of the song must really sound identical’ (I personally don’t know the tATu song).

    There’s no need to look for shade when there is none. And if you thought otherwise or my comment didn’t feel nice I apologise.

    I hope you feel better soon too.
  15. I feel like this has been the longest album rollout of all time.
  16. The audacity of calling it "hand painted" when she's just randomly throwing paint from a distance. The way they couldn't even be bothered to use more than one colour of paint too fff
  17. I can’t at this. The level of laziness. They should have just called the cards hand printed and shown a video of Billie pressing print on a computer.
  18. The paint splatter sounds like a cute idea but it is not something I feel compelled to buy or pay more for.
  19. The comments under that splatter CD tweet...

    The kids really in their 'popular girl at school wore braces, we're now bullying her' phase.
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