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Billie Eilish - Happier Than Ever

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Jul 25, 2020.

  1. I’ve cancelled all formats of this album I’d preordered.

    The excitement has vanished and seeing her splattering paint over CD inserts really is a new low in the already saturated push of physical formats.
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  2. BRB about to get some paint from B&Q and scam some children on eBay <3
  3. kal


    I’ll stick to my digital version thanks.
  4. Sam


  5. Ended Jackson Pollock’s career! Queen!
  6. With how hit or miss the pre-release songs have been, she's lucky i'll be streaming it. She's pushing it with paint splatter as if that adds some sort of value to ordering? She should've just done an ARTPOP and make the text foil and say it's limited edition foil text.
  7. The bad energy on this thread is on another level. I can't wait for the album.
  8. I am still excited for the album as love Your Power and NDA. I still have my vinyl on pre order.

    But you can't deny that the white paint splatter in replacement of a signature is a bit of a con.
  9. Please go outside and touch some grass
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  10. Well.
    Maybe I need one but is it exclusive to the US? The site redirects me to the Spanish official store so I can't order one. Is it the same price as the regular CD?
  11. Might get a copy and drop golden paint on it and tell the ebay girls that it's actually a super limited edition.

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  12. RJF


    Every single day y'all are spunking up the wall for AutoPen signatures and signed inserts where you might not even get a complete set of the popstar's initials because they had to be hospitalised for carpal tunnel after ten copies. It's a silly little thing to make some booklets unique, it's fast for Billie to do genuinely, and... you can literally see the process going into it so no one's pulling the wool over your eyes about what you're buying.

    I'm really not sure what everyone's problem with her is this year.
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  13. This looks so good.
  14. Recently surfaced leak that was intended for her debut:

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  15. Y’all think those are any worse than the ugly vinyl variants clogging up the supply chain?
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  16. Not the dusty vinyl gays acting like they're being held at gun point to buy a painty variant of an album they'll probably listen to once before putting Carly Rae Jepsen back on. Put the credit cards down, ladies! If you squeeze them any harder they'll snap!

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  17. Well, I for one, am actually quite a bit more excited about this album than I was for the last one - I've loved all but one of the songs she's released so far ('Therefore I Am' is b-side quality at best), and Your Power is *easily* her second best song ever, so even if the rest of the album is trash (which it will obviously not be), that's still good enough for a Top10 AOTY placement for me. Her (I guess now former?) fans (and some of you), on the other hand - unnhhh.
  18. Her putting on a blonde wig and everybody hating her feels a bit... familiar


    The GP is too predictable. If you're gonna take part in a misogynistic hate train, at least come up with something better than "Her song's a 9 instead of a 10!!!! Icky blonde bimbo!!!!". Y'all are working with crumbs.
  19. The Best New Artist Curse is doubling down on her after taking a year off to spare Dua.
  20. The fact that her face isn't in the clip / is obscured the entire time makes this somehow even funnier dddd. What if someone on TikTok starts a conspiracy.
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