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Billie Eilish - Happier Than Ever

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Jul 25, 2020.

  1. The paint splatter thing is sooo funny to me. I kinda love it nn.
    Just listened to all 5 songs and yup, still really excited for the album. I do wish it had been released earlier, but this is the first time an artist I love has released an album on my birthday so I'm not mad about it.

    The world of Twitter and TikTok turning on her is gross and disturbing and I am extremely confused by it.
  2. NDA is predicted to fall 35 spots to #74 on the next edition of the Hot 100:

  3. So less than a week until release new album.

    Are we getting another single/video on a release day?
    NDA is great but I feel bit weak for an album.
  4. Since we didn’t get anything last Friday, my guess is that they’ll push whatever the most popular album cut remaining is after release week?
  5. I'd definitely release another song/video couple on album's release week if I were her team to snatch a final Top 40 single from this era and focus on promoting it afterwards to give it some kind of longevity.
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  6. I think she shot a music video for the title track so that should be coming on Friday.
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  7. She released too many singles before the album, and 'Lost Cause' in particular took the wind out of 'NDA's sales. 'Your Power' straight into 'NDA' would have worked a lot better. But regardless, I wouldn't be surprised if 'NDA' got a nice healthy album release boost and second lease of life in the charts.
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  8. RJF


    I think it has to be noted that… her music isn’t exactly slam dunk Top 40 material. Stuff like “Lost Cause” and “Your Power” were always going to be tough sales to radio and the public.

    Whoever likened her trajectory to Lana is potentially correct; massive debut era with hits that were pushed through by sheer phenomena before things become a little more insular after that.
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  9. Reading back a little I am now really curious how she will open. Because the vocal kids on TikTok may not be the ones who decide alone? I feel like my friends will all be checking for her since she really built a reputation quickly for specific and beloved music. Let the stan kids enjoy their hate train while Billie evolves into a proper household name slowly.

    This is if her label learns how to actually use hype and not drag out campaigns that should be sharp.
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  10. She'll do fine this era.
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  11. Yeah the variations of her vinyls alone have sold a tonne, so she should be fine.
  12. I find her career more comparable with Lorde than Lana. Lorde had Royals go number one and sweep the Grammys, similar to bad guy. The difference is Billie has built an enormous, young fanbase and as already pointed out, her album will have no problem selling despite however any future singles will perform commercially. Her touring power will be immense as well, no doubt.
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  13. I think MusicWeek had an article about a month ago which said she already had 20k+ in preorders in the U.K. Given her streaming will be huge, she’ll easily be looking at the biggest opening of the year so far in the U.K.
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  14. I had the chance to be my friend's +1 and attend a listening party of her album for press people. I think I like this more than her debut. The title track is probably my favourite thing she's even done and the album cuts are very strong. The production on the whole album is much more interesting and progressive and she's actually trying new things with her voice on some parts. I still think they chose the wrong singles to market this.
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  15. kal


    Is Not My Responsibility the same as the one on YouTube?
  16. Yes it's the exact same and is more like an interlude and it goes straight into Overheated.
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  17. I'm not a variant collector (no shade to anyone who is) but why don't the girls bung out various formats, each with an exclusive track, like back in the late 00's?? We know you have dusty leftovers. At least the bonus "content" would be substantive! Best Buy, Walmart and Circuit City bonus tracks may have been a pain to collect but at least you got something new and not some paint splotches.
  18. I think it's because everything ends up leaking on the internet anyway so there isn't much incentive to collect them. Also in Billie's case, I think she sees the album as one entity, so having bonus tracks kinda goes against that.
  19. Most of them end up on a single deluxe edition now.

    I think Billie also said that everything she recorded for this album is already on it.
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  20. None of this surprises me tbh.
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