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Billie Eilish - Happier Than Ever

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Jul 25, 2020.

  1. I was not feeling any of this, but GOLDWING came on and what the actual fuck?

    As someone mentioned before, this album needs attention. The details, the lyrics. At that age? Girl. Give her all the acclaim she deserves.

    Your Power remains absolutely brilliant.
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  2. R92


    She's just... she's so good at this. God DAMN.
  3. This is better than the debut for me. A whole great listen while the debut had some ooky spooky moments that didn't really hit.
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    The album should have come out with the blonde hair and "Your Power", as it's clear now that there was no easy slum dunk single for them to push and all waiting most of the summer has done has let hype bleed out and let this fucking weird Angela Chenging of her take root.
  5. I literally just saw a post with an obviously fake article claiming she said that she wanted to be poor "because it looked so fun and cute", and people were just unquestioningly accepting it as real.

    She's hardly the first pop star to experience people wanting to read every single thing she does (or even doesn't do) in bad faith, but it feels especially concentrated and nasty with Billie right now.

  6. When We All Fall Asleep opened with 313k but it had tour and merch bundles. I think these are good numbers (obviously everyone expected more). Hopefully word mouth helps them grow more by the end of the week.
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  7. Dd even Finneas had to call out that troll masquerading as a fan update account. I think it eventually got suspended. Some of the fake articles they were posting were going viral.
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  8. I personally don't care much about her numbers, but to me this is kind of...obvious? Even just surface level, the rollout for this was a mess which really does affect things. Her debut was the Big Blockbuster, and this is the less flashy, Critically Acclaimed piece. The album is continuing to grow as I listen more, these songs just keep unfolding and giving new things with each listen. I was thinking about my first listen to the debut the night it released and I remembered I wasn't into the majority of it at first, and it wasn't until the months that followed that a song or two would randomly pop into my head and I really "got" it. It just didn't click with me did. I could imagine myself not being as into this album, either, if I hadn't had that type of experience with the debut. Like, I know now that I'm not going to fully enjoy a body of work from her unless I'm initially devoting the time to let it fill every space of the room and wrap me up completely. Once it clicks, it clicks. Some of it was immediate for me, but a good chunk of it wasn't. There's nothing I dislike here, but I'm now starting to actually love it all after listening to it all day yesterday. Once you're lured in, you're in.

    Another thing - this is a long album and it doesn't have a bad guy, when the party's over, or a bury a friend. I think there are so many moments here that are just as catchy and big but I could see where a casual listener wouldn't have the patience, as criminal as it is. NDA would fit beautifully on the debut (though I think it's a tad more interesting than a lot of the material there), Oxytocin feels like natural progression of moments she's had flashes of, and Therefore I Am is classic Billie to these ears (and the most "by the numbers" moment on the album, to me), so I can see this being more of a grower in every sense. The debut was also just so much more flashy. I felt like I couldn't escape pictures and videos of those damn spiders in the 'crown' video, the "is it real or just cgi" debate over the 'when the party's over' black tears, the mini horror film that is the 'bury a friend video', etc. There was just more to latch onto and the word of mouth over these crazy ass videos absolutely did their job. The visuals this era have been great and solid in their own right, but it's not the spectacle that I think people were expecting. Add that to the cancel train coming for her every week, general misogyny, and people (kids, mainly) pushing back against her stepping more into her own femininity and not doing the baggy t-shirts and 20 gold chains thing anymore. She's still doing incredibly well and I don't think there's any reason to think this won't be another successful era for her. I think the path she's on now will better serve her in the long run, even if it's not performing the way people expected it to at first.

    She's here for the long haul. She already has an incredible career under her belt and it's only going to continue growing in so many ways, outside of just numbers. This album was going to be telling, as sophomore efforts are, especially for artists that blow up with their debut like she did (though, she set a new standard for just how big it got) but I'm not worried about her status. She's cemented it, in my opinion. I'll always take artistic progression over huge numbers, which she's still pulling anyway. The debut era felt like a lightening in a bottle moment even as it was happening, but I think this album is going to do so much more for her than bigger streaming numbers alone.
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  9. The only people who care about these numbers are Stan Twitter trolls so they can yell "billie eyelash TANKED she's over!!!". She's going to be fine.
  10. Imagine being nineteen years old!!! and releasing an album this confident, rich, layered, smart, mature, thoughtful and fully rounded.

    It's totally unprecedented in pop music - when was the last to do it like this, at this young age? Maybe someone like Kate Bush, decades ago? It's a stunning body of work and she deserves a full, long career whatever level she chooses to work at moving forward.
  11. Opening with more 100k in this climate when sales are practically dead is a triumph within itself
  12. 225k would be an amazing first week figure honestly.

    I think she could have a "Lana type career" in commercial terms but I think she's really deeply embedded in the zeitgeist with gen Z and if she wants to come back with a more obvious hit in the future she could, and might smash harder. She's making music to push herself as an artist and still doing good numbers if you set realistic expectations.

    The soundscape across the album is lush as fuck! Not My Responsibility is a rich vibe, Billie Bossa Nova is slinky as hell, Goldwing is heavenly. And the transitions...

    The recurrence of basslines or beats from house music on several tracks, stripped down to a few minimal stems in some cases, is so addictive. OverHeated is such a sparse banger.
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  14. The out of the gate success of When We All Fall Asleep felt like it was the result of years of hype that all finally came together and exploded at just the right time, and no one really knew what to expect from her debut album. By now the general public has kind of figured out whether or not they're here for her music. Anything above 100K and even 200K now is great when half the artists I listen to barely do a fraction of that dd, and she'll make bank on tour.
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  15. Oxytocin is so immaculately produced. As is the whole album. But that one slaps.
  16. Not My Responsibility reminded me of Madonna and Janet. At one point I thought she was going to say, Would it sound better if I were a man?
  17. Yessss. Oxytocin, Lost Cause & Not My Responsibility all made me think of ‘90s Madonna. Glad I’m not alone on that, because I wasn’t brave enough to share it.
  18. I Didn't Change My Number too.
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  19. At first I was like "WTF is this?" listening to Happier Than Ever, but now it's one of my favorite Billie songs ever. It's such a crescendo of emotions, when the guitar kicks in it gives me shivers. She did that with this album.

    Lost Cause is still bad in all its "you need a good stereo to appreciate it!!!" glory.
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  20. I love the juxtaposition between "Oxytocin" in all its hedonism and carnality versus the choral, angelic opening of "GOLDWING." Those two (and "I Didn't Change My Number") are my early favorites for sure.
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