Billie Eilish - HIT ME HARD AND SOFT


I wish it would change up much sooner. The second part is one of the best things I’ve heard in ages! I really hope she releases it separately (and extended).
On first listen soundscape of the album is superb, need some more time with it as wouldn’t say it has the highs as some of the first two albums.

Still struggling with some of her diction.
This is so cinematic, expansive, diverse, playful, moving, refined, unique…

The only other album giving Cowboy Carter serious competition, for me.
I can't listen to this yet but I relistened to Happier than Ever and the way every song had a twist, an interesting production choice, something that got your attention was very reminiscent of Beyonce's albums. Not talking about vocals or melodies but strictly production choices. Can't wait to listen to the new one.
I think I'm more excited by the ideas behind this album than the actual output? Had I gone in completely blind I would have had a blast, but like with most movie trailers the highlights were spoiled for me ahead of time, and nothing really took my breath away (aside for Birds of a Feather which is potentially the safest song on the project). This is not to say this isn't a fantastic album, because it is, but it didn't nail the landing the promise took me on.