Billie Eilish - HIT ME HARD AND SOFT

Just read about the 3 hour concert drama and she is kind of right? Very few people can pull that off and I know Bey and Taylor fans who said the same, that it’s too long and that they’d be fine with a shorter show too. Not Avril Lavigne show, but somewhere in between.

It’s not a fully absurd statement.
Lunch is more pop leaning. I like Happier Than Ever just fine, but I find Lunch to be one of Billie’s most adventurous moments and it sounds so fresh.
I need to talk about Wildflower. It's so refreshing to hear a star of her magnitude lay her transgressions on the kitchen counter for the world to feast on. Her ability to make such unique subject matter move me like i'm laid in bed with my friends boyfriend. Kii. I love a haunted house floor filler but these emotional pit stops where i get to dismantle my regrets and self doubts are the moments i keep coming back to. It's footsteps in the rain, it's the sound of passing traffic, it's the buzz of my lovesense

I'm just in awe of her everything. Hit Me Butch and Lipstick cementing her legend status and we love it

What on earth is he whining about? It wasn't even a bad review.

Well the words "inert" and "repetitive" read as album descriptors as soon as you open Pitchfork’s review. Anyway Finneas' point was that even though the album received glowing reviews from pretty much all major publications, Pitchfork somewhat predictably had to do the opposite. If that’s how he feels then who are we to tell him otherwise