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Billie Eilish - When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 30, 2018.

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  1. aux


    Finneas (Billie's brother), retweeted it... A nightmare.

  2. I mean I want a Billie no 1 but...
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  3. I'm all up for the Bieber Remix if that gets her the US Number 1 hit. "Bad Guy" deserves it and it would be shit to see it peak at Number 2 after being a runner up all this time.
  4. So then he gets the credit for finally getting it to number 1? No thanks.
  5. A reverse Bad Romancian experience.
  6. So there's a LQ recording (from Pandora nn) of the remix out there.
    It's as bad as you'd imagine.
  7. Friendly reminder that Justin Bieber is a woman hating enablist pig and he won’t be getting my streams despite ‘Bad Guy’ being a bop.
  8. There is a vine of her which involved Bieber from years ago

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  9. They get on their fuckin keyboards and make me the bad guy, JB
  10. Why is he saying ‘skrt skrt’...? What is this trash?
  11. This is so fucking bad
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  12. aux


    Ñññ, what the fuck are those adlibs?

    How can you fuck up a great song this much? This remix is totally unnecessary.
  13. Prayer circle to keep Old Town Road at #1.
  14. More like prayer circle to get Truth Hurts to shoot to #1 instead.
  15. Poor Billie
  16. True. But I'd like to see a black queer artist breaking a record held by Justin Bieber.
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  17. Justin sounds completely out of place on the remix and the lyrics to his verse are embarrassing. Please god don’t let this go #1, she deserves one but not like this.
  18. A bit on the nose for a Hillsong Church attendee who doesn’t pay their employees to proclaim they’re a bad guy.
  19. ...duh?

    I'm sorry.
  20. I didn’t expect to like it anyway but CHRIST his performance just completely takes you out of the track, huh? Unwarranted, unwanted and unnecessary.
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