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Billie Eilish - When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 30, 2018.

  1. Not Justin acting like he contributed to anything with that embarrassing remix that never even got credited by Billboard.
  2. Men
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. She really never needed him. What a silly, misguided choice.
  5. I'm going to pretend Music News Fact switching 'a part' for 'apart' was intentional shade.
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  6. Wow. A performer.

  7. RJF


    @aux @Vasilios is she bringing this tour to the UK at any point in the next year? She toured pre-album early this year but we need the current show.

    She really does feel so damn fresh. So many of these girls impress me but very few of them really thrill me. Listening to her album and watching her videos and hearing about her process makes me feel like I'm learning something new about pop music, like I'm watching the next stage of the evolution and how it'll be carried into the future.
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  8. I have no clue but want like crazy.
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  9. RJF


    Also, y'all are so dirty for letting me go this long without hearing "watch" from the first EP. I heard it last night and ascended. I think I heard God in her ad-libs at the end??????
  10. Didn't you buy the Japanese pressing a year ago?
  11. RJF


    It was the CD and I didn't open it because I thought it was valuable, remember?

    you should see me in a clown wig
    *demented circus music*
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  12. I remembered but was trynna be nice dddd
  13. We’re still waiting for an actual US tour so get in line.
  14. US tours are boring. Kaitlyyyn and Breayndon can go watch Taylor Swift.
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  15. kal


    You should also listen to &burn. I find that to be the superior version.

  16. Mine is such a great song
  17. RJF


    All these seated floors in the US. Why? Let the girls die in the general admission.
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  18. Don’t blame us, you’ve done this to yourself.
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  19. I keep reading Comeback Corner gays' tweets and comments 'What is a Billie Eilish', or 'I hate Billie' or 'Only good Billie is Piper!!' and I laugh cause sis, you're old, ignorant and missing out.
  20. It’s less competition for tickets so tbh let them rot.
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