The way it sounds like it’s interpolating Fatboy Slim Right Here Right Now but could be skirting it just slightly for sake of budget?!

Between this and Rita’s Praise You reboot, King Norman is having a (smallish) moment! Deserved!

Edit: I think I got it exactly, ddd
I’m either going crazy or is there a sample of Fatboy Slim’s “Right Here, Right Now” on it?

So, that is the sample. It hasn’t used that exact sample. It’s used in a different part of the track, but it’s the same sample that Fatboy Slim used.
Thrifty nostalgia bait! Good interview here.
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I’ve not been following Bimini’s music but the descriptions here intrigued me and I can confirm that Rodeo is a massive bop.

Bimini x Tia Kofi, when?
Last I heard, it's an EP with one more song ('Don't Fuck With My Groove'), but who knows, maybe they've been working towards a full project. Was anybody at the Electrowerkz show?