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Bizarre "YouTube Kids" phenomenon

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Raisin Hell, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. Basically there's a huge market of YouTube channels that make videos aimed at children, and through a process of algorithmization this has spiralled into a maze of procedurally-generated content that doesn't make any sense and is incredibly disturbing. Things like knockoff Peppa the Pig vids that suddenly drift off into Peppa being degraded or injured, and comment sections all had comments in some form of code language, seemingly gibberish, but when decoded lead to child pornography websites and degradation porn. No conspiracy (or lunacy) theory stuff here, trust me, it really did lead to horrible websites. It's difficult so I will just link 2 pieces, the NYT one and the Medium piece. The Medium article is fascinating. Whether or not you think the author is hyping it all a little too much you can't say he's not thinking through how all of it works. Also the producers of this stuff are untraceable and no one quite knows how it became... this.

    I mean...

    I don't play with demons.
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  2. What the honest fuck. Let me donate $5 to the good sis PBS.
  3. My students were watching something like this in class at lunchtime recently. Thankfully nothing as creepy or disgusting but it was Disney characters doing weird things.

    Why the fuck would you rely on an algorithm for a supposedly child-friendly service?
  4. This shit is so bizarre and makes me want to wretch. It's seemingly pure and innocuous but you don't have to delve too long to get to like, "Pregnant Spiderman Makes Naughty Two Year Old Cry" or someshit. I dunno. Creepy as fuck. I had a former coworker whose internet history (he left his google account logged on, and of course I dove right in) had hours and hours of this shit on it. He later offhandedly mentioned (I don't know if he realised he had left shit logged on, or if it was just coincidence) that he kept his son entertained for hours with YouTube videos that his son loved, but I dunno. Really hope he wasn't some kind of secret pedo.
  5. That is so bizarre/creepy. And the fact that parents think sitting their 3/4 year old kids in front of the internet to watch random clips for hours is a good idea just... well it doesn't exactly inspire much hope in the future of humanity.
  6. Even "unboxing" videos have gone weird now. I saw one where someone carefully unwrapped a whole range of toys, only to then cut them into pieces with scissors - and this was playing on a demo tablet in a branch of Toys R Us.
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  7. And YouTube just leave this sick shit on their channels? Appalling.

    I cannot get my head around why this crap even exists, but it does and so here we are. Isn't it called progress or something.
  8. It's crazy how these creepy ass videos get through Youtube's various filters, hammer out clickbait titles for kids, and amass millions of views, yet LGBT people can't post coming out videos without it being demonetized and restricted.
  9. kal


    Kids should not be getting access to the internet before they're at least 7 and these monstrosities are further proof of that.

    Honestly, I'm not surprised such crap exists and all fault lies in the parents hands for letting their children watch these.
  10. In his...defense he's a single dad from an impoverished background, in a difficult situation where he's out working to pay the bills, the mother is absent and only some elderly ?grandma or something is around to help out. Putting the kid in front of a phone and letting him binge-watch YouTube videos that gladden him is probably the cheapest and surest form of entertainment available.
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  11. I wasn't talking about any case in specific, and I'm sure parents from all sorts of backgrounds do this kind of thing. But even in a situation with little money/time for the kid, even just sitting him in front of a tv/pc/phone to watch any kid-oriented TV channel or show would be better than random youtube clips, because at least that way you know what the kid's watching.
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  12. My four year old brother is already smart enough to actively search out his own favourite content on YouTube kids - a dedicated app for children’s content. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a parent that expects that format to forbid any offending content, or any parent that allows their children to explore such a format.

    This is weird and awful but how can anybody blame the parents????
  13. Obviously it's not the parents' fault the problematic content made it to YouTube Kids, but the thing is, even if that wasn't there, just leaving a kid that young to watch whatever feels a bit wrong. I mean, it'd be one thing if it was all proper kids TV shows, but imagine leaving a 3-4 year old to watch idiotic youtubers and toy unwrapping videos all day.
  14. Where did this idea that parents forcibly sit their children to watch iPads like some kind of torture come from? I just don’t get how someone could read this and go “WELL KIDS SHOULD NOT WATCH VIDEOS ANYWAY”
  15. But no-one is saying that parents force kids to watch anything or that kids shouldn't be allowed to watch videos at all. The point is just that even without these bizarre videos, there's a lot of content on Youtube Kids that's not exactly great for young kids to be watching, especially if without any filter or supervision.
  16. I see where you're both coming from, and the issue is of content curation.

    Ceebeebies and other shitty kids channels are full of shit but at least there is a human element of somebody actually commissioning, creating and quality controlling the programmes. You can let your kid watch PJMasks and know that one character isn't going to get an abortion and eat shit from the toilet bowl.

    YouTube kids is being manipulated by automatically generated content and a broken algorithm, bots are generating disturbing videos in order to capitalise on YouTube's views for profit model. So I don't think its an issue of kids shouldn't watch videos but parents with the knowledge that this disturbing content has infiltrated YouTube kids should seriously consider what they're letting their kids have access too.
  17. Children are incredibly impressionable, especially in their early years, and parents should be more aware of the content their kids are being exposed to. I see no reason why they should be given such a free reign when it comes to choosing what they want to watch in the first place, simply because the technology exists now. That should come as they get older and are able to make more informed decisions.

    As diamondliam says there are dedicated children's channels with content controlled by actual humans (certainly more than there was when I was a kid), which is more than enough to keep them occupied. Further choice can come as they develop.
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  18. This is exactly how I feel, couldn't agree more.
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  19. I can’t at this thread parent-splaining.
  20. 'Parent-splaining' isn't a thing. Don't try to conflate this with mansplaining. People are giving valid criticisms of these weird videos being shown to children. Parents are to blame if they allow their children to be exposed to inappropriate things like this.
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