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Björk - 10th Studio Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Glitterizer, Oct 24, 2021.

  1. Or remember her remix of Fever Ray's "This Country"? That. Don't say I haven't called it.[/QUOTE]

    Sadly I do remember.
  2. No Arca this time please mum xx

    If we're doing ~beats~ again give me Olof Dreijer, give me Forest Swords, give me Paula Temple.
  3. Give me this anyday of the week.
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  4. Shygirl plz
  5. Nn give me a Sega Bodega produced darkbop featuring Shygirl yesss.
  6. Dd this fanfic

    We'll get a dirgey orchestral album with a couple of techno bits and we'll deal
  7. I’m conflicted dd. I think Bjork has more than every right to do what she wants with her music as she’s well past having something to prove but Utopia was a chore to sit through (the 3 opening tracks remain discography highlights, however).

    The pining from fans who haven’t liked an album of hers since Vespertine is tired but I would definitely welcome something more poppy accessible this time around. Utopia felt more of an album of compositions and than proper songs, if that makes sense. I guess we’ll wait and see.
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  8. We do.

  9. We'll get 1 track in slow motion for 40 mins and a 1 minute bop at the end and deal.
  10. I'm not a GIVE ME THE BOPS BJÖRK gay but I also am looking for something that's not Utopia, the album of hers I listen to least by far.
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  11. This parody says it all about her upcoming album. Give us auto fulfilled prophecy a bitsy, aunt Björk.
    On the same note if you guys can find "La Hora Chanante" and " Muchachada Nui", binge on it like the world's about to end tomorrow, some of the best absurd comedy on Spanish TV.
  12. Biophilia was her weak link in my opinion. Vulnicura and Utopia were a bit hit and miss, but I prefer Utopia.

    The full interview about the new record arrives on sunday?
  13. In one of the translations it read as if the choir thing was for a separate project.

    I’m really surprised how long Bjork has been able to stand performing some of those, um, “inaccessible” songs night after night when you then see her in the clubs dj’ing dancing wildly to Beyonce and the like. I was always wondering why she hadn’t done more club music since she seems to love it so much.

    God, if we really get some dance beats, we could be looking at some amazing shows featuring cuts like “Big Time Sensuality” and “I Miss You”…. it probably won’t happen but oh my god if it did.
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  14. I just wish I could see an album of B which is produced by The Knife/Olof Dreijer in the future. Got a little hope for this when they did the remixes for each other for it was something I wouldn't ever imagine to see/hear. B's remix was a choice but it warms my heart there is any kind of link between these beautiful people which they decided to present to the world.

    Thus I speak this into existence for her future pieces of work.
  15. I don't need big bops from Bjork. Some of my favourite Bjork tracks are Hidden Place, Joga, Who Is It, An Echo a Stain, Unison, New World, Possibly Maybe... I just want something with more melody, a few more beats and less 'sparse' I suppose.
  16. Debut and Post were more dance-heavy because they got post-produced at the label after Björk had handed in the finished thing. They had a heavy hand on Debut - in interviews she mentioned that what she had in mind for the album was "world music" and her influences were her multi-ethnic, artsy social circle in London, and that the dance beats were added later on to make the album more palatable. On Post she'd got the memo and went after her own dance beats, Hyperballad and I Miss You are examples. But once Homogenic came around and her motto became "I make music for myself" the dance beats were gone! Except for Alarm Call and its release as a single, but we don't talk about that.
    She went back to higher BPMs on Volta but all I can remember from that was her saying "I'm never going hooligan again" so... make of that what you will. As @Psycho said, the BPM being higher doesn't necesarily mean straight up dance music. She could sing Fado on top of a car alarm going off and call it "Christmas ball".
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  18. It's definitely because of how I felt around that time, but I love Biophilia. The remixes were killer too.
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  19. The LEVELS. I'm bopping to the music box instrumental in the background. So lovingly done.
  20. She is saying it depends on the speed of publishing. I mean she could release it digitally tomorrow and on CD in two weeks so I guess this is maybe related to how long it would take to get the vinyls done? Besides some legal stuff for sure but what would take that long otherwise?
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