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Björk - Biophilia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by offyourhead, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. Re: Björk - 7th Studio Album (Early/Mid 2011)

    Anyone who doesn't love Vespertine is soulless. It's one of the most beautifully intimate albums I've heard. And it is full of incredible tunes, which, admittedly, not all of Volta and Medulla are.

    The McQueen tribute song is fantastic. I imagine it might have had its origin in the Volta era due to the brass-heavy arrangement, but it's better than half the tracks on that record.
  2. Re: Björk - 7th Studio Album (Early/Mid 2011)

    Ummmm, weren't you just in the front row with an army of 13 year old girls for a 40 minute Ke$hit concert?
  3. Re: Björk - 7th Studio Album (Early/Mid 2011)

    She's simply on a higher level.
    This video-tribute to AMQ simply shows it again and let us remember it.
    The most sincere and passionate tribute to the stylist- no crowdy and loud performances, no annoying tweets, no interviews and catwalks to show a fake commotion.
    That's the difference between an artist and a simple(though hugely popular etc) popstar.
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    WOW. Just wow. That song is amazing. I'm really starting to feel the excitement for a new Björk album.
  5. Re: Björk - 7th Studio Album (Early/Mid 2011)

  6. misfitmenace

    misfitmenace Guest

    Re: Björk - 7th Studio Album (Early/Mid 2011)

    my favourite bjork albums are vespertine, medulla and vespertine.... not everything has to be gay dance attack
  7. Re: Björk - 7th Studio Album (Early/Mid 2011)

    Best PJ response of the year.

    There are things that make one's opinions irrelevant. Enjoying Ke$ha in a live concert are three of those things.
  8. Re: - 7th Studio Album (Early/Mid 2011)

    Just because you don't like Ke$ha doesn't invalidate his response. He's entitled to that opinion just as much as you're entitled to disliking Ke$ha.

    Although I like both Ke$ha and Björk, so what does that say?
  9. Re: Björk - 7th Studio Album (Early/Mid 2011)

    Someone liked a pop-artist on PopJustice forums. Good heavens!
  10. Re: Björk - 7th Studio Album (Early/Mid 2011)

    Not sure if anyone mentioned this yet, but I recently saw Björk on the cover of "Another Magazine" (great photo shoot inside by the way). Anyway, she mentioned at the end of the interview about working on a new project for the upcoming year with Michel Gondry (!!!). However, she described it as a Science Musical.

    So I'm thinking it'll be something more along the lines of Dancer in the Dark in terms of it being a musical with a famous director, but with a scientific sound to it? Maybe like how she experimented with Vespertine and those "tiny sounds." Or Medúlla and those vocal sounds. Perhaps the soundtrack is this new "album" that she has going on, a la Daft Punk and Tron...
  11. moorje

    moorje Guest

    Re: - 7th Studio Album (Early/Mid 2011)

    I believe the criticism was that Björk has the worst voice known to mankind yet the same person apparently appreciates Ke$ha, who is more autotuned than Stephen Hawking (yet still can't hold a note).
  12. Re: Björk - 7th Studio Album (Early/Mid 2011)

    Solar System for iPad Raises the Bar (Again) for Electronic Books

    Read more:

    Like The Elements, the new title includes a song that plays once on the very first launch. This haunting and majestic track has been specially adapted by Björk from her forthcoming Biophilia project and for the moment is available only in Solar System for iPad."

    Biophilia... would it be the name of the album?
  13. Re: Björk - 7th Studio Album (Early/Mid 2011)

    I forgot the song (instrumental only), haha:!
  14. Re: Björk - 7th Studio Album (Early/Mid 2011)

    Ooh, I hope so! It fits in with her recent trend of not naming albums after English words. Life-loving? That sounds like it could have some upbeat tracks.
  15. Re: Björk - 7th Studio Album (Early/Mid 2011)

    I think people are getting too excited too early. It's probably just the Gondry collaboration.
  16. Re: Björk - 7th Studio Album (Early/Mid 2011)

    I think it´s the Gondry collaboration too... but I´m optimistic though we´ll get an new studio album in 2011.

    Volta is so long ago - may 2007
  17. Re: - 7th Studio Album (Early/Mid 2011)

    Thank you.

    This isn't really meant to be a slight against Vas, cause he makes me laugh, but there really isn't any way you can legitimately argue that Bjork is shit when you are a Ke$hit loon.

    It's like a Britney fan trying to throw shade at Sinead O'Connor's ability to sing live.
  18. LJB


    Re: Björk - 7th Studio Album (Early/Mid 2011)


    Anyway, it's not like Bjork is a commercial/mainstream artist. I'd hinder a guess that the majority of music fans would prefer Ke$ha. I personally don't but people 'legitimately' can, yes/
  19. Re: Björk - 7th Studio Album (Early/Mid 2011)

  20. Re: Björk - 7th Studio Album (Early/Mid 2011)

    I can't be the only one who finds Empress B getting better and more interesting as she grows as an artist.
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