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Björk - Fossora

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Glitterizer, Oct 24, 2021.

  1. She talked about it on Icelandic radio today.

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  2. First page! Give us Christmas party dancing mom, Björk! Definitely perched. A constant innovator, like her or not.
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  3. [​IMG]
  4. I'm not expecting a dance record or anything, but we might get some substantial electronica moments like the breakdown in Crystalline, I guess.

    The full interview will be released at 16:05 GMT on Sunday.
  5. Yes queen give us 12 tempo changes in a row!
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  6. I'm excited to see who she will work with this time around. This will be her DJ album!
  7. arrhythmianess,​
  8. I’m already feeling this.
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  9. I just hope it’s not Arca behind these bops.

    I just laughed so loud at this! Could work as a title. Someone on the official forum recommended “pandemia”.
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  10. Mmmm, Christmas balls.
  11. Let’s hope we get some amazing remixes to extend that minute per song into a proper danceable thing! We are not anymore on a lockdown!! Give me some bops.
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  12. Yeah, I think Vulnicura and Utopia were very lacking in the remix department. Biophilia was iconic in that regard.
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  13. Hope it's for Christmas 2021 and not next year.
  14. I don’t mind waiting. I mean this year is almost over… however her mentioning Christmas does make you wonder. Maybe the first single in December?
  15. I'm ready for Björk's 'Dancefloor Darling' mid-song tempo change. Give me those avantgarde Christmas bops.
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  16. Google translated some of the sentences in hilarious ways because the "Christmas ball" is actually a Christmas bubble, as in the selected group of people you were allowed to spend the holidays with because of COVID, and "the man who banged his head at the party" is simply headbanging, like in a metal concert or techno club. It's a joke about the songs being slow and quiet (VERY quiet, she says) just to explode hardcore before they end, like a close-friends-only house party at which you sit around for two hours, dance wildly for fifteen minutes and then go home. IT'S THE ULTIMATE TROLL MOVE, and we deserve it!

    The museum she's been working with has already leaked the album is slated for a spring release. She's still due to perform Cornucopia shows this winter, so I don't think we'll hear new music before all Utopia endeavours are officially completed. But we're almost there! FORWARDNESS!
  17. Scrihm. Thanks for the clarifications, I’ll edit the opening post.
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  18. Can’t wait for the new album’ Yes, please give us some electronic beats!
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  19. Yeah... yeah.
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  20. I hope by “quiet” that she means “intimate”.

    Give me that ‘Cocoon’ / ‘Harm Of Will’ / ‘Desired Constellation’ / ‘History Of Touches’ that I love.
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