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Björk - Fossora

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Glitterizer, Oct 24, 2021.

  1. LTG


    Interesting to hear her talk about her first debut. Love her Beatles cover

  2. Speaking of her debut debut, "Arabadrengurinn" is a bop

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  3. I had a feeling the burgundy vinyl wouldn’t stick around, despite not been deemed limited like the clear vinyl on Roughtrade, I’m glad I snatched it, it fits the album palette perfectly.
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  4. When is the single coming?
  5. Not today by the looks of it. Well it's nowhere to be seen here in NZ anyway. I guess it could have an international premiere. Hopefully next week if that's not the case.
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  6. I just wanna know what we’re in for. I have so many ideas of what this album is going to sound like, but I just need to know.
  7. The disappointment this morning. Let us in Björk. Or they REALLY reproduce the GMO parts at least for the single.
  8. When you think about it, it's insane all these albums like Bjork or Taylor are out as pre-order and multivariants and people are hunting them like crazy but we have no clue what the sound is even gonna be like.
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  9. I wish my hunting instinct would be stronger. After missing out on turquoise I was thinking about getting burgundy and now that is gone too. At this rate I'll just buy black after release.
  10. Not sure where you’re from but lots of UK Indies still have the burgundy!
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    If you Google “Fossora burgundy vinyl” there’s a few indie stores that’ll show up and still seem to have stock.
  12. Thank you all. It's Germany but I think I found one. Thanks to Brexit UK is just so annoying to order from now.
  13. Double Post but GMO posted again, here is the full doc.

    I didn't had the time now, tl;dr, but will later or someone just gives a short version here?
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  14. The alleged victim didn’t come forward for further clarification / investigation and left everyone on read, basically.
  15. Where? I'm from Germany, too. But couldn't find one without paying per credit card.
  16. with Rough Trade, you don't have to pay taxes anymore if you're in Europe. They've fixed that now for good!
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  17. Complicated situation. Because nobody knows if the publicity causes the alleged victim more trouble emotionally and they are scared now or something or if there isn't much to the whole story. At least GMO tried to actively work on a solution and took it seriously. Which still doesn't mean anything.
    Some Dutch shop but couldn't check out in the end.

  18. Podcast promo!
  19. [​IMG]


    It's been confirmed that the single will premiere tomorrow though!
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