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Björk - Fossora

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Glitterizer, Oct 24, 2021.

  1. Finally. So excited. I can’t wait. And so curious how much of a bjop it is.
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  2. 96E043EF-1E1E-42C2-9953-120307FF5B41.jpeg
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  3. FINALLY, Bjësus! I can't wait. We're never ready for a Björk first single, although I love literally all of them, and thinking about the last ones: Crystalline, Stonemilker and The Gate, I think I'm fearless.
  4. Shaking and heavy bottoming.
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  5. I hope she at least recorded a little lead-in to the first radio play because I can't stand that we still haven't heard her pronounce fossora with her whistling 's' and rolled 'r'.
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  6. Drill, nest and dig me into the dirt mama.
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  7. Drill us into the dirt and earth with that sub-bass like the heavy bottoms we are, queen.
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  8. Today's the day.
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  9. I’m so filled with excitement and anticipation. New Björk releases feels like an event. Listening to her discography this morning.

    Utopia is hitting hard today. I don’t know why but it just gets me so much. It’s dense, detailed and layered. It demands your attention. But at the same time she absolutely nailed the “paradise island in the sky”-concept sonically. The Gate especially has to be one of her best ever singles right? It’s so lusciously produced.

    Debut is also such a stunning collection. The flirtatious and curious personality she displays across is just chef’s kiss.

    That’s what I love about her. She always gives us something new. I can’t wait to discover the new world she’s built for us.
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  10. I'm excited for a Bjork era for the first time since maybe Telegram and of course it's because of the gay af visuals. Who knew it'd take Bjöb The Drag Queen for my basic gay instincts to kick in?

    I am replaying Debut (which was THE student CD for me that era dd) and the way she ad libs 'shooo-uman' at the end of Human Behaviour... I love.
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  11. I wonder how quickly after the BBC6 debut the video will be up.
  12. Bjork will be on with Mary Anne Hobbs to premiere the single. Mary Anne said she's already heard it and described it in one word as "mindblowing".
  13. LTG


    should have got involved with the plastic doll of Volta

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  14. Doll yes the feet though.
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  15. I am shaking already I haven't been this excited about a new era in a while.
  16. Will the video be out shortly? I want to experience it with the visuals for the first time if possible.
  17. Well I'm not desperate to hear it again
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  18. That may have been the wildest track she's ever released, short of Ancestors, ddd. Wow.
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