Björk - Fossora

Double post but I'm cackling at her giving us ready made gifs on her website





#2 and #4 are a scream tbh
Wow this is intense. I love me some chaotic energy Björk (this in particular has elements of "Pluto" and "Mutual Core") but I also really like how it finds space for a subtle moment, even though that part doesn't have a memorable melody. And of course I stan how it just goes batshit crazy at the end. Needless to say, I'll need more than a few listens to properly process the song. Surely must be among her most daring lead singles?
I'm rationally angry we spent years battling in debates about melody, structure and lack thereof, and then Björk releases her weirdest, most menacing, literally dissonant, zero-hooks anti-pop lead single ever and it's finally deemed accessible? Is it just because she's wearing pretty make up this time around or does the song work as an actual hallucinogenic mushroom because...
Is this your shortest and most accessible post ever?
I like everything (tis a bop and the video is excellent with playful Björk back) except her vocal delivery, which is a first. She's just shouting and forcing her voice and I don't think it helps get the message across.

The ''hook'' is catchy though, if as clumsy as usual (Are these excuses to not connect?).