Björk - Fossora

Just watched the video... it kinda looks like a Jools Holland studio performance but is also a slay purr mama, she's so fun to watch.
Honestly it’s her best video in ages. She is having fun and there is a sense of humor that was missing since a long time. Enough with drama. I like her a lot when she has some fun.The production and sounds are great to me. I just hope that while digging for mushrooms she finds just a little more melodies. I find this her most exciting song since ages.
Just watched the music video and it's so fun and crazy and charming, definitely brings a smile. It's honestly giving me this energy:


Also, I'm screaming at the way the lyrics are displayed.

To find our resonance where we DO connect...

Yessss. Someone dropped that gif while the song was premiering and I just about died laughing. She really is tapping into that energy.
That final minute mix-up reminds me of the 2001 track "No Sympathy" by the Super Furry Animals. Which starts off calm, cool and collected and goes completely ape shit for the final 2,5 minutes of the track. And by ape shit bonkers I mean completely off the deep end! And I love it...

Apple Music has updated its Fossora page and we now know:

- Kasimyn from GMO is credited as a feature on "Atopos", "Trölla-Gabba" and "Fossora"
- the Emilie Nicolas duet is "Allow"
- the serpentwithfeet duet is "Fungal City"
- Sindri sings on "Ancestress" and Ísadóra, as reported by The Guardian, on "Her Mother's House"

As Kasimyn is credited in just three songs, and as a guest nonetheless, we can conservatively assume the remaining beatwork\assorted electronics were touched by Reykjavík electro-punks sideproject and everyone's favourite producer El Guincho.

The 18th-century poem by Látra-Björg mentioned in the Guardian interview is, unsurprisingly, "Fagurt er í fjörðum", a mournful folk tune about nature switching from blissful to murderous once winter comes ("man and animal die, man and animal die", it goes). Here it is in the versions of Hamrahlíðarkórinn and Hugar, the primary music project of Fossora's main collaborator Bergur Þórisson.
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