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Björk - Fossora

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Glitterizer, Oct 24, 2021.

  1. Just watched the music video and it's so fun and crazy and charming, definitely brings a smile. It's honestly giving me this energy:


    Also, I'm screaming at the way the lyrics are displayed.

    To find our resonance where we DO connect...
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  2. R92


    I’m ass-shaking to Atopos.
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  3. Honestly it’s her best video in ages. She is having fun and there is a sense of humor that was missing since a long time. Enough with drama. I like her a lot when she has some fun.The production and sounds are great to me. I just hope that while digging for mushrooms she finds just a little more melodies. I find this her most exciting song since ages.
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  4. Yessss. Someone dropped that gif while the song was premiering and I just about died laughing. She really is tapping into that energy.
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  5. lately?
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  6. This is absurd and terrifying and I like it a lot.
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  7. It’s Avant-garde but with a nod to past bjops.
    The video served face, joy and acid flashbacks.
    There’s literally no one else like her.
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  8. I was being nice! Her last 3 albums
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  9. [​IMG]

    Not the juggler emoji
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  10. AMAZING!

    Atopos has been on repeat which has not happened with a Bjork single since 1997.

    Cannot wait to experience Atopos live. Going to be out of this world.
  11. Yes but on the website Hungry is listed as makeup so I went with Björk's vocabulary.
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  12. Her expression when she sings "hope is a muscle" was me watching the whole video. Visual/audio candy. Love it.
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  13. I’ll never stop wishing for just a bit more melody from her again, but I actually somehow like this a lot. The video is adorable too.
  14. This is absolutely abysmal, give me more of it!
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  15. Yeah it’s the clarinet player with the beach ball pants while Bjork is jogging in place for me.
  16. This is so gonna hit different when high

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  17. Whenever Hungry is mentioned my mind goes to Khia’s iconic So Excited rap… if you know you know.
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  18. Now I want to witness this live as follow:

    Where is the line
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  19. That final minute mix-up reminds me of the 2001 track "No Sympathy" by the Super Furry Animals. Which starts off calm, cool and collected and goes completely ape shit for the final 2,5 minutes of the track. And by ape shit bonkers I mean completely off the deep end! And I love it...

  20. FCUK YES! Absolute Heaven!
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