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Björk - Fossora

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Glitterizer, Oct 24, 2021.

  1. Apple Music has updated its Fossora page and we now know:

    - Kasimyn from GMO is credited as a feature on "Atopos", "Trölla-Gabba" and "Fossora"
    - the Emilie Nicolas duet is "Allow"
    - the serpentwithfeet duet is "Fungal City"
    - Sindri sings on "Ancestress" and Ísadóra, as reported by The Guardian, on "Her Mother's House"

    As Kasimyn is credited in just three songs, and as a guest nonetheless, we can conservatively assume the remaining beatwork\assorted electronics were touched by Reykjavík electro-punks sideproject and everyone's favourite producer El Guincho.

    The 18th-century poem by Látra-Björg mentioned in the Guardian interview is, unsurprisingly, "Fagurt er í fjörðum", a mournful folk tune about nature switching from blissful to murderous once winter comes ("man and animal die, man and animal die", it goes). Here it is in the versions of Hamrahlíðarkórinn and Hugar, the primary music project of Fossora's main collaborator Bergur Þórisson.
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  2. This is my favourite Bjork song since that one!
  3. Trölla-Gabba vs Madonna’s White Heat mashup when @Andy French - you know witch part ddd
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  4. Hoüp ees uh muhsœl
    Thæt allæüs uhs tü cœnækutuh

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  5. Icelandic twinks when they start going to the gym:
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  6. When I said I was terrified, I meant it in the best possible way. Who said horror was not a legitimate playing field in music? Mjöðer will always find a way to scare the shit out of me, be it through inuit throat singing, visuals where she's a CGI face carved on tectonic plates with lava oozing out of her every orifice, or just now with this nightmare where it seems like she dug down to reach the underground campo santo that was left after each and every kid was slaughtered on Pleasure Island from Pinocchio (1940), and the island clowns are now a bass clarinet sextet because of course!

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  7. I believe people refer to the song as being more accessible than her usual stuff because it's a 4/4 compass with a rather marked beat (that reminds everyone I talk to of reggaeton), with a bubbling bass loop that accompanies it throughout, making it a relatively easy rhythm to "latch onto". I disagree there are zero hooks - all the "to nooot connect", "we doooo connect" follow a pattern that gets repeated from beggining to end. I'll give you this is menacing and dissonant, but her weirdest, zero-hooks, anti-pop first single remains The Gate.
  8. I love it. Equal parts goofy and menacing. The oompah-pah clarinets are hilarious; they should make for an interesting aural theme throughout the album. Like a lot of her more recent work, the melody is hard to pin down—people calling this her most accessible in a while, really?! But that tooOOOOO connect immediately grabs.

    Visually this is exactly what I wanted. She’s having a blast. I literally giggled throughout. I cannot imagine trying to watch this tripping, though. TERRIFYING.
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  9. The bass clarinets are so goofy. I love them.
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  10. You know those TikToks where it’s like “when you hand the aux to a gay and they put on the worst song you’ve ever heard” this is the song they are talking about.

    I love it and my friends are in for it.
  11. This is going to melt the brains of the Ariana stans on Twitter.
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  12. This sounds like the evil wtich of a children's movie plotting revenge with her evil clarinet-playing lacqueys in her evil underground cave. I am obsessed.
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  13. This is The Comet Song on some questionable substances at 4am.

    I definitely agree this is her most dissonant/challenging lead single, but it’s also her most uptempo/beat driven one in a decade. The main “hook” definitely made its way into my brain, but I didn’t love that middle section. I do like the sonic palette and the new track preview has me very excited for the rest of the album.

    I’m expecting some Volta cuts to be brought back for the tour. Innocence in particular sounds like it could find a new home in this era, maybe even Earth Intruders.
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  14. You know Squidward would eat this up.

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  15. My fossorussy is shaking. Love the second half.
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  16. This sounds very much like her work with Matmos and I'm excited
  17. Haven’t they started school
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  18. This is GOOD!
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