Björk - Fossora

I kind of thought fun Bjork was kind of gone forever. I accepted she is a poet and auteur of unbridled talent, but I thought maybe she was getting a little too mature (outside of her DJ sets). This is the most excited I've ever been about an album of hers, and I just love the humor of it all. I need gifs of all her micromovements. And to see her smile and dance just touched by raving-90s-Bjork nerve, and I loved it.
The reactions to this are kind of hilarious? In my opinion the Utopia singles are much more accessible than this?! Especially "Blissing me".
Blissing Me and The Gate sure were prettier and more accessible, but also a bit unexciting, meandering and tame. This is more of a Bjöp in the vein of Crystalline / Mutual Core, despite the dissonance, more than a decade after those, so the reception is to be expected.
This is her most accessible lead since Earth Intruders? It's so straightforward - she's literally spelling out her intent by having the lyrics in the video (or maybe she spent the budget on the Burberry fits and didn't have enough left for a lyric video)

I mean… it’s a modern Björk song so it sort of transcends “bad” or “good” definitions but like…I’m laughing so it’s brought me joy I guess. I don’t actually think it’s very likeable as music but the whole affair is whimsical. It made me go and stream Biophilia which is a win for her I guess.

I wish she sort of… sang more? If you get me? It’s sometimes a bit too much like talking pointedly and off beat and I’m like ok can you come up with something else. That said I would die for her and her right to destroy my ear drums.
Yeah I'm not enjoying the vocals but it's nice to see her... actually looking happy and having some fun after so long. Everything from Biophilia on was so serious/ gloomy/ self-absorbed that it's actually quite shocking to see her smiling like that in the video.