Björk - Fossora

When the beat drops out and then kicks in again.
I've heard "atopos" only once this morning before I had to leave for work, and I couldn't stop thinking about it and the video all day long. It's both extremely catchy and weird, which isn't new for her, but something about the out there mix of very disparate sounds this time caught me off guard. It's been a while since something left this much of a confused impression on me. I can already tell it's one of those I'm going to remember my first listen of for a very long time. She's really in a league on her own.
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Lead single rankings...

Hidden Place
Human Behaviour
Army of Me
Atopos (very very early impression)
The Gate
Earth Intruders

For the record, I think these are all very good.
I doubt there will be negative feelings about Arca shown in any of these upcoming songs, particularly when Allow is supposed to be about their blooming relationship since the Vulnicura days
1. Jóga
2. Hidden Place
3. Army of Me
4. Stonemilker
5. Human Behaviour
6. Earth Intruders
7. Oceania
8. Crystalline
9. Atopos
10. The Gate

They’re all amazing (especially that top 5), I just wish The Gate had clicked more with me.
1. Army of Me
10. The Gate

I don't know how to rank the rest. That being said, Atopos would be high. If the gabber/hardstyle/techno sounds as good on the other songs, it might become my favorite album of hers?